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The Official Twelfth Doctor’s Coat

Keep up with the latest fashions across time and space by donning this well-crafted, perfectly tailored Twelfth Doctor’s Coat. It’s exquisitely replicated…

26 3 Jan 2016

Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy Hanky

When Ken Trew designed the Seventh Doctor’s outfit in 1987, the BBC purchased about 20 red hankies which wrapped around his panama hat… and Sylvester McCoy

3 2 Oct 2015

Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Bow Tie

Now available from the BBC shop. 50th Anniversary Bow Tie – reproduction of the one Matt Smith wears in “The Day of the Doctor” . Made from 100%…

14 13 Jun 2014

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor’s Bow Tie

Now available from the BBC shop. Officially licensed replica of the 11th Doctor’s bow tie. The two toned textured fabric fits necks 15-20″…

3 13 Jun 2014