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Lethbridge-Stewart Home Fires Burn

Available to order from Various other Lethbridge-Stewart books including this title are also available from 1943. Britain’s Home Front is feeling the pain of war. The Fourth Operational Corps has other things to worry about. A downed plane in the High Peak leads Professor Travers to a village full of buried secrets and […]

2 23 Sep 2019

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Ornament

This iconic Doctor Who™ 4th Doctor ornament is a throwback to the summer of 1974 when the incarnation of the 4th doctor…

14 22 Sep 2019

Doctor Who Union Jack Backpack

This officially licensed canvas bag has two compartments (the main one, as well as a smaller front pocket) and a colorful, kaleidoscopic print…

0 20 Sep 2019

Doctor Who China Postcard Set

Six beautiful Doctor Who postcards, showing the iconic TARDIS Police Box in various locations and situations across China….

4 17 Sep 2019