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September 20th, 2019 no comments

Doctor Who Union Jack Backpack

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Nothing says “Great Britain” quite like the beloved old Union Jack… and a police call booth that’s really a time machine piloted by an ancient alien from the planet Gallifrey. T

hat’s why the iconic colors of the United Kingdom and the TARDIS (which is practically the mascot of your favorite BBC show, Doctor Who) are both here on this awesome knapsack. It’s a great way to carry your books to school, and to make it easy for your fellow Whovians (and Anglophiles, aka people obsessed with British things) to find you. As a conversation-starter, the possibilities of this item are limitless. So head to class in style with this Doctor Who Union Jack Backpack!

This officially licensed canvas bag has two compartments (the main one, as well as a smaller front pocket) and a colorful, kaleidoscopic print that’s sure to catch the eyes of Doctor Who fans… and everybody else, too. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a subtle and stylish way to show your love for the Doctor, and also makes a great gift for a Whovian in need of some awesome school supplies!

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