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Feature – Mego / Bif Bang Pow! Fourth Doctor

During the 1970’s Denys Fisher in collaboration with US toymaker Mego released various 9″ figures. Included in the range were the Fourth Doctor Leela, K-9 , The Giant Robot K1…

28 10 Feb 2012

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 21

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 21 – Top 10 Explosions, The Dalek saucer, Where’s The Doctor – Siren galleon, Sontaran stratagem, Hotel horrors and much more …

163 8 Feb 2012

Doctor Who Standees – Rory

These Rory standees are the perfect focus point of any theme party or a gift sure to delight the most avid fan. All cut-outs are designed to be self supporting …

53 8 Feb 2012

Doctor Who Adventures issue 255

I’ve never been sure about Valentine’s Day. I mean, all that kissing. Do you Know how many germs there are when people kiss? It’s something I wish I didn’t know!…

63 7 Feb 2012

Doctor Who Classic Standees – 4th Doctor

Get ready to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with our new range of ‘Classic’ character standees! Star Cutouts are about to launch a new range…

26 6 Feb 2012

The Companion Chronicles 6.09

Usually the Brigadier would call in the Doctor – but on this occasion the Time Lord is being kept out of the loop. Instead, it’s up to Elizabeth Shaw…

0 4 Feb 2012

Doctor Who Kitt-O Paper Construction Figures

Kitt-O! Is a new, fun concept of paper construction. They come flat in foil packs and are approximately 14cm when built and The RRP should be around £2 per figure…

40 3 Feb 2012

Remembrance of the Daleks Set – Pictures

Remembrance of the Daleks 1988 Set Contains Dalek Emperor Davros and Destroyed Imperial Dalek action figure. The Daleks are focusing their search around Coal Hill School…

416 3 Feb 2012

Character 2012 Doctor Who Merchandise

Doctor Who Character 2012 Pictures / Information – New Dalek range,Personalize Tardis – arm worn time travel device, Dalek Cyberman anti time device…

441 2 Feb 2012