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Big Chief Eleventh Doctor 1:6 Scale Figure News

From Big Chief Studios: Due to circumstances beyond our control we have to regretfully inform you that the shipping date for the 11th Doctor has been delayed until the end of April…

0 9 Jan 2012

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 443

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 443 On sale from Thursday 12 January, priced £4.50! . You can keep up to date with Doctor Who magazine, see larger images of this and other covers…

84 6 Jan 2012

Buffy The Vampire Library playset Diorama

Ideal for displays or figure stories, this set can hold reasonable number of figures. It comes with a few accessories including a table, globe and pot plants…

43 6 Jan 2012

Doctor Who Talking Plush Yellow / White Dalek

Showcasing the very best from the Doctor Who rogues’ gallery, this 9-inch tall talking plush features the infamous Dalek in yellow and White. The villain’s spoken phrases…

42 4 Jan 2012

The Companion Chronicles 6.08

The Doctor doesn’t normally need money, but when the TARDIS is immobilised and a fine has to be paid, a loan from a bank in the sky seems the solution…

0 4 Jan 2012

Doctor Who Adventures issue 250

Happy New Year -again! I know for you lot New Year was last week, but here on Slombikkitini it’s New Year every week, because the planet just wooshes round its sun that fast! …

68 4 Jan 2012

IDW Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life Issue 2

What’s better: an ugly reality or beautiful fantasy? This is the question the Doctor is forced to confront in a medieval fantasy world where Amy…

0 2 Jan 2012

Doctor Who TARDIS 750ml Water Bottle

Even time-and-space travelers get thirsty! The next time you’re flitting about the galaxy in your TARDIS, be sure you have enough to drink…

2 1 Jan 2012

Doctor Who River Song TARDIS Journal

This journal looks like a TARDIS! Measuring 8-inches tall x 5-inches wide and containing 160 lined white pages, this terrific Doctor Who TARDIS…

18 1 Jan 2012

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 12

A special, silent Christmas story that reunites writer Tony Lee with The Time Machination’s Paul Grist! When robots attack Santa in order to destroy Christmas..

0 1 Jan 2012