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Big Finish 152 Doctor Who House of Blue Fire

There’s a whole ABC of horrors at Bluefire House – as four young people, drawn together to this tumbledown hotel at the edge of nowhere, are about to discover…

0 18 Sep 2011

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 439

Doctor Who Magazine 439 is published on Thursday 22 September and features previews of Closing Time and The Wedding of River Song!…

52 16 Sep 2011

Doctor Who Adventures issue 235

Oh, goodness, it’s you! I thought it might be… But no, you’re fine, you’re good. Sorry, I’m bit jumpy. It’s been a bit scary these last Few weeks…

31 15 Sep 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 09

Arriving on a familiar looking space station, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and new travelling companion Kevin—a cybernetic dinosaur—find a scientific crew…

0 14 Sep 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 08

The stunning conclusion of “When Worlds Collide”! Can the Doctor find his TARDIS in time to keep the amusement park planet from being destroyed?…

0 13 Sep 2011

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 10

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 10. In This issue – Top 10 Sontaran Moments , The Veil V Silurians, Where’s The Doctor – The Underhenge and more…

399 10 Sep 2011

Doctor Who Insider Magazine Issue 06

Insider talks exclusively to Neve McIntosh who has hidden beneath the scaly reptilian skin of three Silurians – sisters Alaya and Restac…

0 10 Sep 2011

Captain Jack Official Replica Coat

Fully approved by BBC Worldwide, the coat has all the features of the screen piece, even down to the non-wool material which is more durable and ‘John Barrowman’ friendly…

18 9 Sep 2011

New Doctor Who Puzzles from Ravensburger

Doctor Who Puzzles from Ravensburger – Both new puzzles depict the latest baddies to face the Doctor including the scary Weeping Angles and haunting Vampires of Venice…

17 8 Sep 2011

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 234

I hate nightmares, don’t you? I’ve had lots recently, thanks to the Peg-Dolls. aren’t they creepy? That’s why I’ve pot loads of the mega moments…

56 7 Sep 2011

Character Building Super Rare Series 2

Character Options, manufacturers of the Character Building Doctor Who construction toy range has confirmed that new Super Rare micro-figures ARE amongst series 2…

215 5 Sep 2011