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May 31st, 2018 10 comments

The Complete History Book Collection Issue 74

Available to order in the UK from

Usually available to order in the USA from

The definitive history of BBC’s long-running series Doctor Who continues with volume 54.

Illustrated throughout with photographs from the archives and in full-color, this hardcover volume features story summaries, character and actor profiles, pre- and post-production notes, broadcast reaction, and much more.

For more information visit the official site at

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  • Anonymous

    June 29th, 2018 - 2:38pm

    we wanted a episode with Masie Williams to get GOT fans watching. Wow! Quick issue

  • Anonymous

    June 1st, 2018 - 5:34pm

    Under the Lake Before the Flood are my fav Capaldi eps

  • Tim M

    June 1st, 2018 - 2:49pm

    Under the Lake/Before the Flood is my favourite story in this book.

  • Anonymous

    May 31st, 2018 - 8:39pm

    This volume needs the woman who lived
    It’s only two stories (three episodes) they are covering

    • The Flying Shark

      June 1st, 2018 - 7:35am

      It’s the same for the rest of the Capaldi series 9 volumes announced so far-Last Christmas/Dalek two parter, Woman Who Lived/Zygon story, but the one after that has Sleep No More, Face the Raven and Heaven Sent, which really annoys me-Heaven Sent is one of the few stories which could justify its own volume, and they try and pack it in with two other stories? I might be alright with Face the Raven with it if they put Sleep No More with another volume, but why is it so packed considering the others are so sparse? Sorry for the rant, I’m very passionate about Heaven Sent.

    • TARDISGuy

      June 1st, 2018 - 8:45am

      If you’re going to put Heaven Sent with two other episodes surely it should be Face the Raven and Hell Bent, since, like the Monk episodes in Series 10, they form a narrative trilogy and like Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords, provide a three-part finale to the series.

    • Sean Bassett

      June 1st, 2018 - 5:16pm

      I wouldn’t really call it a three parter. They feel more like three separate stories to me, whereas Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords and the Monk trilogy all tell one complete story.

    • Jackson Lake

      June 1st, 2018 - 5:37pm

      Officially, S9 E10/11/12 are separate stories, they just lead into each other. The same applies for S10 E6/7/8, they’re not three-parters
      S3 E11/12/13 is officially a three-part story

    • Tim M

      June 1st, 2018 - 9:49pm

      I’m interested to see how they number the Capaldi stories, plus who’s guidelines are they going by, Moffat’s? or are they doing their own thing and story numbering how ever they like.

    • Anonymous

      June 29th, 2018 - 2:37pm

      I like the series 3 finale
      But it’s a trilogy
      Each episode has a different plot connected by one big plot
      The monk trilogy is the same
      but the Series 9 finale isn’t
      They don’t share a villain

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