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May 29th, 2013 no comments

Doctor Who Site Comment Rules

The Doctor Who Site Help – Comments

Please read our rules on commenting, if you cannot adhere to them or don’t agree with them then please do not post here.

Please note we reserve the right to delete or edit any comment entirely at our discretion and for whatever reason. Because of past problems no explanation will be given nor we will let through or reply to any comments challenging this. Your IP address may also be blocked permanently.

If you consider follow ups to a comment are inappropriate then the whole thread including the original comment maybe deleted to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Our policies are designed to keep things as civil as possible for all users and fellow collectors. We are not a user led forum, nor are we here to host debates or arguments.

I would ask people to respect that this site, which to be hoenst is busier than ever, and can at times have hundreds of comments per day, is only moderated by one person, who may not always see everything posted and ALL comments may be put on full moderation from time to time as our circumstances require which means it could be some time (as in hours) before they are put through, if appropriate, or replied to.

Some comments left recently clearly don’t agree with, or understand these necessary and unavoidable time lags and in fact have attracted hostile and personal attacks when some people, wrongly assume their comment has been deleted.

Any post that is likely to cause argument, or is disrespectful to, manufactures, Employees, retailers or their products may be deleted.

Would commentor’s keep in mind that some original comments may be amended or deleted if they attract unwanted, argumentative follow up comments some of which you may not see.

Comment rules for merchandise and news…

The Doctor Who site welcomes constructive comments related to the news article / merchandise item in question. Please try to refrain from posting irrelevant or unnecessary comments.

Can everyone please keep to one, sensible user name, we are getting to many people with multiple and un-necessarily long user names. In future they will just be deleted.

Certain words, sometimes used perfectly innocently, may cause the comment to be blocked until approved.

We would please ask you to try not to conduct long conversations in the comment sections, we simply do not have the capacity for this.

Please remember this website is used by all age groups and different nationalities, and sometimes by people with disabilities therefore please do not comment on peoples grammar, spelling or comments that may seem inappropriate because of unusual wording.

Any posts Implying you have “inside information” on, or have seen or have in your possession future or unannounced products may be deleted. Any post that is likely to cause argument, or is disrespectful to manufactures, Employees, retailers or their products may be deleted.

Please DO NOT post spoilers in the merchandise section – they have nothing to do with the article and not everyone wants to see them, they ruin episodes for many. It is simply not fair to post them here.

Please do not make any attempts at personal contact in the comment boxes. We also cannot allow any attempts to trade or sell items on the site as there is no safe way of making contact.

Links posted in comments may not be displayed and all are moderated. We are not responsible for the content of external websites. We do not allow links to or promotion of unofficial merchandise unless it is to issue a warning.

We are aware if different user names are being used from the same address.

News Comments only

The reply facility has been removed, single constructive comments related to the news article in question only, Attempts at Followups may be removed.

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