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May 16th, 2000 1 comment

I, Who 2

books-iwho2I, Who 2

The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels and Audios

by Lars Pearson

Earth, the 20th century. A Time Lord known as the Doctor, lacking an identity, past or agenda — but still the most dangerous man in the universe — makes our innocent blue-green planet his home through the World War years and more.

Dellah, the late 26th century. Bernice Summerfield, self-accredited academic, professional lush, agent of God and razor-honed arcastic, holds the potential to stop universal Armageddon — if she lives.

Through all the triumphs, all the tragedies, every drop of furor-driven love, unrequited emotion and loss, I, Who 2 documents the Doctor Who original novels after the Earth-shaking Interference, the whole of the Benny books, the Big Finish audio line and more. It’s a literary and audio tapestry so vast, it takes 170,000 words and a myriad of locations in time and space to tell this story.

The Doctor would approve.

Special Features

* Exclusive Introduction by Star Trek novelist Peter David!
* Cover by Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates & The Authority)
* Includes missing chapter from the Doctor Who novel The Sands of Time!
* Indexes all eighth Doctor novels from The Blue Angel to Escape Velocity plus all past Doctor novels from Sept. 1999 (City at World’s End) to Feb. 2001 (Bunker Soldiers).
* Indexes all Big Finish audios through “Minuet in Hell.”
* Covers the entire Bernice Summerfield book & audio line!
* Includes write-ups on apocryphal works such as Campaign and The Masters of Luxor!
* Novelist round table with acclaimed Who authors Justin Richards, Andy Lane, Kate Orman, Lawrence Miles, Jonathan Morris and more!

For more information visit the Mad Norwegian website Here

Where to Buy Mad Norwegian Books in Britian

Megastore Location:
179 Shaftesbury Ave
020 7420 3666

493 Glossop Road
Sheffield, S10 2QE
0114 268 4976

4 Station Parade
High Street North
East Ham
London E6 1JD
020 8471 2356

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  • Sontar 7

    June 1st, 2010 - 4:14pm

    This doesn’t look as good as the first book.


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