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Army of Ghosts Gift Set

This woolworths set includes a destroyed Cyberman figure,Mickey Smith figure, Dalek Thay and the Genesis Ark…

13 11 Jun 2007


The Unique range of Doctor Who collectibles by Corgi was prduced to celebrate the 40th anniverary of Doctor Who….

14 10 Jun 2007


Between 1987 and 2001 Dapol held the licenses for making Doctor Who products…

79 8 Jun 2007

Radio Controlled K9

Features: 360 degree on the spot rotational movement and has full steering control…

29 8 Jun 2007

Utopia Gift Set

This gift set includes 5 inch figures of Professor Yana, the Master in the Professor’s outfit, the Doctor and Martha Jones…

8 5 Jun 2007

Genesis Ark and Dalek Gift Set

Recreate scenes from the episode ‘Doomsday’. Includes: Dalek Thay, Sec, Jast, Caan from the Cult of Skaro and Genesis Ark…

62 11 Jun 2006

The Tardis Playset

Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with the Tardis playset. Includes: lift out access panels, hatstand, pilot seat and console…

54 11 Jan 2006

Sonic Screwdriver

Ultra Violet pen with UV light, sound effects, spare standard ink nib, wallet and wipe off psychic paper…

18 8 Aug 2005
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