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Doctor Who Panels Mug

12oz Ceramic Drinking Mug, Dishwasher Safe, High Resolution Artwork, Ideal Gift…

0 6 Aug 2016

Exclusive Topps Oversized Trading Cards

The Topps Company today announced exclusive Topps™ Oversized Trading Cards for a selection of popular characters from Doctor Who will be available exclusively at the BBC AMERICA…

0 20 Jul 2016

Steepletone Blue Police Telephone Box

Not a Doctor Who item and not sold as one but as a Police Telephone Box, this none the less makes an interesting item for collectors of all things “Police Box”…

11 19 Jul 2016

Doctor Who Tardis 20 Questions

Fans can travel through time as they test their Doctor Who knowledge from the TV show over its 50-year-plus history. You’ll think of any being, place…

3 19 Jul 2016

Doctor Who Evening’s Empire Paperback

Evening’s Empire, a Doctor Who comic strip from the 1990s written by Andrew Cartmel, was never completed in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Although a…

20 15 Jul 2016

Doctor Who Top Trumps Set 9

Top Trumps has been played since the 1970s when the first packs took the playgrounds of the UK by storm. Its success is partly due to how easy and compelling

17 15 Jun 2016

Doctor Who Tardis Bedding (Think Geek)

This bedding comes with a bespoke excuse for why it takes you so long to roll out of bed: you were off in some back section of the TARDIS when your alarm…

3 19 May 2016
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