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December 1st, 2022 487 comments

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B&M 2022 The First Doctor and Electronic Tardis Set

The five new Doctor Who classic lines will be available in November 2022 at B&M stores nationwide.

We think fans will be both delighted and surprised with this rather unique set. This action figure set includes:

  • The First Doctor as portrayed by David Bradley
  • Electronic TARDIS

As fans know, in the first ever episode of the TV show we encounter the TARDIS and its owner and pilot, an alien traveller known only as The Doctor. It’s the start of a great number of adventures over many years.

Since that first show the First Doctor has been played both on screen, and in audio format, by several actors but David Bradley in both the dramatization of the early years of Doctor Who ‘An Adventure in Space & Time’ and in the twelfth Doctor Story ‘Twice Upon A Christmas’ as well as many Big Finish audio adventures, giving a very unique and powerful portrayal which really captured the essence of William Hartnell’s First Doctor.

Speaking of this wave of releases Al Dewar, Creative Director at Character Options, said: “This range has some real gems in it, including some not so easy to spot ones. The three figure sets are very cool and there’s at least one standout figure in each set, including a new Ninth Doctor with new components and an updated Rose V1. We also have a brand-new Angel variant as well as a physically new version of Yaz. Collectors will delight in looking for both variants of the Angel figure.

“With the Dalek sets – this time we have two absolute standout pieces with ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ and my personal favourite Dalek story ‘Destiny of the Daleks’. For me it has everything and I love the look of the battered war worn Daleks. Following that and much to my own delight, is a new First Doctor figure in the form of David Bradley’s Doctor paired with a very unique looking TARDIS based more on the TARDIS look in the BBC 2013 anniversary drama story which covered the creation of the TV series.

“Lastly to go hand in hand with the Dalek sets is a great special release featuring Davros and a very special Dalek … all I can say is fans will not want to miss out on that one!”

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  • AlbertoFrog

    December 11th, 2022 - 9:19pm

    So my set has been sat at my local Evri depot since last Sunday apparently. No movement since. Contacted B&M on Friday, and they are looking into it with an expected answer in 72 hours after I contacted them. Taps fingers, looks at watch…

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 11th, 2022 - 10:40pm

      Fingers crossed you get some joy. My experience hasn’t exactly been positive at the moment.

    • AlbertoFrog

      December 12th, 2022 - 10:06am

      Thankfully my Bradders set was delivered this morning. No reason given for it sitting at their depot for a week. My theory, based on it being the same guy who delivers all of our Evri parcels, is that he’s been off for a week and the company simply don’t bother covering abscences.

    • booboo

      December 12th, 2022 - 10:09am

      Its probably more they don’t have anyone who can, they have got overloaded because of RM.

    • Robert W

      December 12th, 2022 - 12:38pm

      I have evri/hermes parcel in a depot since 28th Nov, it’s because they are very busy due to the Royal Mail strikes

  • Joe 90

    December 11th, 2022 - 7:19am

    Back in stock on-line as of 07:18 this morning if anyone still needs one

    • MJS

      December 11th, 2022 - 4:52pm

      They’ve been in since 10pm last night. Seems like it may no longer be an issue

  • Whovian

    December 10th, 2022 - 8:33am

    Not yet received mine, was “Out for delivery” yesterday between 10am and 12pm, then updated at roughly 11.50am or so to say delivery between 12pm and 2pm and shortly after 12pm, updated to say “Sorry we haven’t been able to deliver today, tracking will be updated on the next working day”

    So hopefully, with any luck, it’ll arrive today

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 10th, 2022 - 12:52pm

      Hope you get it

    • Whovian

      December 10th, 2022 - 6:44pm

      Thanks…. And guess what….. I’ve got it! And wow, it looks awesome. From what I can see, no paint chips or anything like that and there was some of that thin, paper-like cardboard type of material to avoid any sharp knocks to it

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 10th, 2022 - 9:07pm

      That’s great to hear. I’m not so lucky, they reckon they’ll try again Monday but i’m not holding put much hope.

    • Spacewarp

      December 10th, 2022 - 11:24pm

      Back online now. 11:30pm 10th Dec.

    • Whovian

      December 11th, 2022 - 12:15am

      TheOncomingStorm, I really, really hope that yours gets to you on Monday

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 11th, 2022 - 7:01am

      Thanks Whovian. I guess it’s just a matter of waiting.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 12th, 2022 - 3:51pm

      Finally got it! Had to go to the evri parcel locker but yeah, I got it. No marks, no scuffs. Thankfully.

  • Dibs

    December 9th, 2022 - 10:25pm

    i’m guessing if mine arrived with a scratch on his nose, there’s not much i can do about it, right? (aside from paint it myself.)

    • HS

      August 3rd, 2023 - 4:51pm

      Stuff like has always happened since all the way back in 2005. They’re all hand painted and sometimes get scratched or rubbed either during production or when they get packed. That’s why I like getting mine in the shop, I can pick the best one of the lot.

  • He who knows

    December 9th, 2022 - 8:45pm

    Picked one up today in-store! They are now on the shelf at Great Yarmouth B&M.

  • Gallifrey Falls No More

    December 9th, 2022 - 6:14pm

    Back online again 🙂

  • TheOncomingStorm

    December 9th, 2022 - 5:49pm

    I ordered Tuesday, Evri emailed and claimed they tried to deliver today, they didn’t!

    The courier took a picture of the item bot even in a shipping box and said delivery failed.

    Evri will contact me on Monday, B&M have refused a refund.

    Thanks Evri.

    • Darren

      December 9th, 2022 - 10:19pm

      If you have no joy with Evri or B&M, go to your card issuer.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 9th, 2022 - 10:58pm

      Darren, yes, I think that’s what I’m going to have to do. It’ll obviously be Monday now but yes, I’ll give them a call. I was already considering it, thank you.

    • Rex Farrel

      December 9th, 2022 - 11:02pm

      If the photo didn’t even show packaging, maybe they mean that the delivery failed before they even tried to deliver, because the box was wrecked? So they have your email but not delivery address? Normally they’d deliver it, hide it, or tell you to rebook. So hopefully you’ll get it (eventually) and an apology as well.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 10th, 2022 - 12:19pm

      Rex Farrel when I checked the email it said the GPS was near my area but that I missed them, even though I was in. The picture the courier uploaded was just of the item. I received another email saying they’d reattempt delivery Monday. So we shall see.

      It may well transpire that I’ll have to go in store at some point and hope it’s there.

    • Rex F

      December 11th, 2022 - 12:44pm

      I know the feeling…but with other couriers. I’m lucky that the local Evri driver is one of the good guys. “F E” and “P F” are the biggest pains here, they’ve made major cock ups. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you tomorrow.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 11th, 2022 - 3:31pm

      Thank you Rex F. Me too.

  • Arthurian2

    December 9th, 2022 - 2:25pm

    In stock again.

  • Anonymous

    December 8th, 2022 - 11:04am

    I’m in the South so took a punt and ordered online even though I am an in-box collector so packaging condition is as important as the figures. Online shopping was never an option for me as I would rather find one in perfect condition in the shop. Seeing as people were saying they wern’t going to come down to the south I decided to risk it even though I had heard the horror stories of them arriving in a bag instead of box. Mine arrived in a box, although is covered in tears so will have to look out for one in the shops to replace it. Although I am sure the online option helps many people it also disadvantages some especially if they are removing the South bound stock and putting it online, making it now a sort of online exclusive.

    • Matt Y

      December 8th, 2022 - 2:15pm

      I am just so bored this now. The South seems to do really badly for stock. The Terror of Zygons wave never appeared in my local stores or others I visit in the south. The Daleks from the Planet/Death wave appeared in so few numbers (4 of each at one store of three in my town) that I didn’t find them and the Daleks from the most recent wave haven’t turned up at all. Then there are reports like this one where no care has been taken in posting out the items that B&M finally makes available to order online at 1am!! It’s just really rubbish, very disappointing and I am fed up trying to support this line. B&M please look at the problem of distribution as it has been going on for years now and you have a new problem with careless packaging of online ordered items. My only hope with Disney partnering with the BBC is that future action figures are not distributed by B&M.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 9th, 2022 - 10:50am

      Apparently the South were getting stock from yesterday.

  • TheOncomingStorm

    December 7th, 2022 - 12:13am

    Still not heard anything from B&M or a courier about a potential delivery date or even if its been processed. I ordered at midnight on 5th December. Would have thought I’d have got something other than a confirmation of the order email.

    I also notice its showing as out of stock on the website again so I hope it still comes.

    • Callum Eales

      December 7th, 2022 - 2:38am

      Mine when into my spam folder.

    • Daniel Simmonds

      December 7th, 2022 - 3:08am

      As predicted Evri have now reported my parcel from 24th November as lost in transit, as a result of their fantastic delivery service i will not be owning this set.

      To B&M’s customer service team credit they have refunded my money and informed me
      that they can no longer fulfill my order as they do not have anymore stock of the Tardis
      set available.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 7th, 2022 - 7:51am

      Not very reassuring. I’ll check my spam folder and hope Evri can actually do their job for once.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 7th, 2022 - 7:55am

      Not even in my spam folder. I have a bad feeling that its not going to turn up.

    • Rex Farrel

      December 7th, 2022 - 11:31am

      TheOncomingStorm: You posted barely 24 hours after you placed your order, and you say you had an order confirmation email. What else were you expecting? It’s not Deliveroo, they’re not dispatching immediately – mine took a few days and, unsurprisingly, there was nothing inbetween confirmation and dispatch emails. You need to give them a few days at least.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 7th, 2022 - 1:05pm

      Last time I placed an order I got an email straight away telling me its been successful. Got nothing this time

    • Rex Farrel

      December 7th, 2022 - 4:27pm

      Hang on, you said you had the confirmation email, but expect another one to say it was successfully processed? Could that be related to the payment method chosen perhaps? I just had the confirmation email followed by a dispatch one two days later (I went back and checked). I’d give it 72 hours before getting in touch with them.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 7th, 2022 - 6:01pm

      I have no idea. I got one saying the order had been placed and that’s it. When I order the 8th Doctor set I got 1 email saying the order had been placed and another one within hours confirming it would be delivered by Evri. My apologies if I caused any confusion. I’m not planning on contacting them for atleast a week, if at all. I know my local depots have been having issues.

      I’ve been trying since release to get this set so I guess I was just worried it hadn’t gone through.

    • Rex Farrel

      December 7th, 2022 - 10:08pm

      I thought that was what you were getting at, but that wasn’t my own experience – although maybe I should have received the extra email as well. If you had the confirmation email I should think you’ll be ok though because it had been showing as out of stock for a while when mine was dispatched, so it should have been put to one side for you when you ordered.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 8th, 2022 - 7:51am

      Yes. Hopefully that’s the case. Just a matter of waiting now I think.

  • Dwho

    December 6th, 2022 - 6:27am

    Tardis been online all night where are they pulling all this stock from? Non going down south? Ether way I’m a happy bunny ordered mine for the second time let’s hope it gets confirmed this time and not cancelled

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 6th, 2022 - 7:53am

      I think they’re going to put all the stock online to allow everyone a fair chance. I’m not sure, all i know is I ordered one last night, hopefully it arrives

    • Anthony Fagn

      December 8th, 2022 - 7:09am

      Expect stock to materialise in the south from today. Bedford DC has had thier stock and will/has been started to be shipped out to stores across the South of the UK. Happy Times and places.

  • TheOncomingStorm

    December 6th, 2022 - 12:07am

    Just managed to order one. Fingers crossed it gets delivered…

  • toptimelord

    December 5th, 2022 - 11:58pm

    My blue-box-tastic Bradley figure set arrived today and it looks absolutely amazing! So worth the late nights and long wait! Happy Crimbo to Whovians everywhere!

  • Whovian

    December 5th, 2022 - 11:09pm

    Thankfully to me coming onto the site and several people mentioning that the TARDIS is back online, I’ve finally bought it!

    I’d actually started to look on ebay, noticed a few people listed it as a bidding item with a start of 99p and this morning, they had changed to prices between £30 and £80

    The only downside now is that like many others have mentioned it’s with “Evri” which we all know is just a rebounded version of Hermes

    Got my confirmation email, so will update when it’s finally arrived

    • Callum Eales

      December 6th, 2022 - 4:39pm

      Mine came with evri. It arrived the package was beaten. But luckly the tardis surived with only a slight dent to a corner. No protection provied in the box at all.

  • Tom Williams

    December 5th, 2022 - 8:26pm

    Finally at long last I waited ages and it sold out so gave up but tonight it’s finally in few the wait is over

  • drew

    December 5th, 2022 - 6:24pm

    its back in stock on the website!!

    • Daniel Simmonds

      December 5th, 2022 - 11:13pm

      I hope that everyone on this site who orders the Tardis set has better luck than me, the set was posted to me on 24th November via Evri and i have still not received it and it does not look likely that i ever will. Not B&M’s fault i know but still very annoying as i will now have to chase for a refund and never actually own this set.

  • Old Master

    December 5th, 2022 - 1:28pm

    Not sure if this has been mentioned earlier, but I’ve just been to look on the B & M website and they have discounted it to £24.99 (25% off). I was hovering over this originally but it’s less than £30 including postage so I will grab it now.

    • Rex Farrel

      December 5th, 2022 - 2:52pm

      It was always £24.99, with some people noting that claiming it was originally a higher price is actually illegal.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 5th, 2022 - 3:03pm

      I hope they still have some tomorrow. That’s the earliest I can order, although, judging by comments here I’m not very hopeful. Evri aren’t exactly great near me.

    • Lee

      December 5th, 2022 - 3:06pm

      Finally have been around at the right time to order one as well!!

    • HS

      December 5th, 2022 - 3:11pm

      Yeah that’s been known since it went on sale

    • XS

      December 5th, 2022 - 3:12pm

      Yeah, that’s been known since it first went in sale

  • Anonymous

    December 5th, 2022 - 1:19pm

    Anyone still to get the Tardis Set it is back online for ordering off B &M Stores 13.18 better be quick My Fellow Whovians All the Best Tom.

  • Independently Cross

    December 5th, 2022 - 12:36pm

    Bradley TARDIS is live online again if anybody is still in need.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      December 5th, 2022 - 3:35pm

      Hope its still in stock tomorrow, that’s the earliest I can order

  • MJS

    December 4th, 2022 - 8:17pm

    Been an absolute disaster trying to get this. Most stores I know that get them in did not get this. Davros sets? Loads. Tardises. Not a jot.

    • Anonymous

      December 5th, 2022 - 1:58am

      Royal mail is on strike as for evri they aren’t very good mine parcel disappeared no sign for 5 weeks

    • HS

      December 5th, 2022 - 3:13pm

      Damn, thats rough. My parcel was delivered by Evri quite quickly.

  • Rhys

    December 4th, 2022 - 7:41pm

    Evri have had my parcel for 8 days now…do I just give up any hope of it turning up?

    • booboo

      December 4th, 2022 - 7:52pm

      I have ebay stuff ordered 10 days ago that’s still not here, people are switching for RM and its clear things are just getting backed up.

    • Anonymous

      December 7th, 2022 - 5:52pm

      According to b&m evri have marked the parcel as lost in transit

    • spacewarp

      December 8th, 2022 - 11:52pm

      It was my birthday a week ago and my mother’s card arrived 2 days late. That never happens. Because of the Royal Mail strikes more people are using courier services like Evri, so they’re getting swamped. My Tardis took a week to arrive from ordering but was in perfect condition when I got it.

  • Martino

    December 4th, 2022 - 6:29pm

    Ordered mine on Thursday, delivered today, very happy!

  • Greg

    December 4th, 2022 - 5:38pm

    My set arrived today (within a few days). No damage, which is great considering it wasn’t packaged brilliantly. Can’t complain though as no harm done. I’m just so happy b&m are now offering delivery (despite it being a bit inconsistent).
    The set is amazing in hand. Really nicely done. Wonderful head sculpt of David Bradley. Not sure about the lack of a window in the packaging, but I quite like the smaller size box.

  • Whovian

    December 3rd, 2022 - 11:05pm

    Typical that now I’ve literally searched every store I can literally get to and to no avail, the website now says “In store only”!

    It would help if any of the stores I can get to actually did have it “In store only”, 8 different stores and 4 of those haven’t actually got anything in apart from the bobble heads

    • Jay

      December 4th, 2022 - 5:41pm

      As far as I know, each store only got 6 TARDIS sets and they only lasted on the shelves for 1 day. Not really something you can just stumble upon, I got mine a couple of weeks ago by checking my local B&M every morning.

    • Whovian

      December 5th, 2022 - 11:04pm

      That’s the scalpers for you

      Pity they didn’t go after the bobbleheads

  • Sime

    December 3rd, 2022 - 5:40pm

    My Twice Upon A Time Doctor and Tardis arrived early this evening. He was delivered in a box. No padding but he’s in perfect condition. Really glad I have him!

  • David Smith

    December 3rd, 2022 - 11:51am

    There are at least 4 sets left in Linthgow odd dalek sets think 1 left of set 12 or 11 forget when typing this at present. No Davros sets

  • Callum Eales

    December 2nd, 2022 - 3:49pm

    Evri has mine so that will never turn up. Or very damaged.

    • booboo

      December 2nd, 2022 - 3:58pm

      they had mine and it was 100% fine

    • Callum Eales

      December 2nd, 2022 - 5:46pm

      Thank you @booboo gives me some glimpse of hope.

    • FH

      December 3rd, 2022 - 3:22pm

      out of curiosity booboo how was yours packaged? was there padding in the box?

    • booboo

      December 3rd, 2022 - 3:40pm

      yes there was, some thick paper wedged around it, seen a lot that were just in a box with no packing though.

    • Callum Eales

      December 3rd, 2022 - 3:52pm

      Evri has emailed saying its delayed. As i suspected. Ordered it a week ago.

    • booboo

      December 3rd, 2022 - 3:54pm

      I have loads of stuff that’s taking ages, stuff ordered a week ago and its not even in transit yet.

    • FH

      December 3rd, 2022 - 4:19pm

      Yeah mine came today and was literally just in a box, no padding! I thought it was weird because my Davros and 8th Doctor sets has padding around them. Thankfully doesn’t seem to be any major damage from what I can tell, though Bradley does have a black mark on his nose.

    • Callum Eales

      December 4th, 2022 - 4:49pm

      Came today. Was litarally just in a box. Box was battered. But the tardis survied with only minor damage to a corner of the box.

  • Bob James

    December 2nd, 2022 - 1:33am

    This set is also available with international shipping (reasonable prices on set AND shipping) from this Australian seller:

    • The Zoo Boy

      December 5th, 2022 - 7:31pm

      Is Ozzie Collectables reliable?

    • The Toymaker

      December 6th, 2022 - 7:19am

      Yes, Ozzie Collectables is great @ Zoo Boy – buy from them regularly (am in Melbourne, Aus).

  • Whovian

    December 1st, 2022 - 10:46pm

    What’s the price for delivery?

    • Bob James

      December 2nd, 2022 - 5:09am

      The figure was $56.00 USD, and the cost for express (signed for) postage to the USA came in at an additional $19.00. My draw dropped, and I wish I’d bought two!

    • Bob James

      December 2nd, 2022 - 5:10am

      Sorry, I meant figure “set”.

    • Whovian

      December 2nd, 2022 - 11:56am

      I meant for the delivery from B&M as I’m in the UK

    • Spacewarp

      December 2nd, 2022 - 1:10pm

      £3.95 B&M to the UK.

  • pupbenny

    December 1st, 2022 - 9:41pm

    Woow. They’re still in stock!?!? Incredible. They must’ve got a big supply or something? It’s so weird how this could happen suddenly the DAY after they suddenly go to ‘In-Store Only’. It’s so weird. Good, but weird lol.

    • Spacewarp

      December 2nd, 2022 - 2:13pm

      It has become pretty apparent that not only is there a profitable market for B&M in these sets, but also that there are issues with store distribution, and areas where stock sells far better than others. I live between Derby & Nottingham, in easy reach of about 6 large stores, and I’ve found that although Dalek and Tardis sets do well, they still hang around on the shelves for a good week or two, and the less popular sets like UNIT or Sensorites end up eventually reduced to a fiver. I can already see this happening with the 10th Doctor and 13th Doctor sets.

      So instead of blindly sending stock out and hoping there are enough Doctor Who fans for each store, perhaps they’re experimenting with getting the fans to come to them instead. After all, knowing that there’s plenty of Davros sets in the East Midlands doesn’t help someone in Yorkshire, but now they can get what they want online for just a little extra postage (which is no more expensive than driving around stores using petrol).

      The fact that they keep going out of stock, and that they’ve not been seen in many stores must be a good sign that this is turning out to be a successful venture. It should also cut down on “scalplers” walking into stores and walking out with every TARDIS or Dalek set on the shelf.

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