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Yesteryear Feature – Harlequin Miniatures

Harlequin Miniatures made a range of Doctor Who classic figures in 28mm scale from 1997 onwards. The range offered just about every imaginable character that appeared…

35 2 Dec 2011

Yesteryear – In The Domain Of The Daleks

Manufactured by Bluebird toys during 1997 this Doctor Who play-set hidden away inside a Dalek shell includes a mini 4th doctor, Davros, Dalek and Tardis…

41 24 Feb 2011

Product Enterprise Cybermen

These 10″ Talking Cybermen were produced in early 2000. Four variants are shown, The all silver matt cyberman, the chrome top Cyberman and Cyberleader…

35 14 Feb 2011

Viewmaster 3D Stereo System

Introduced in 1939, The View-Master had a wide range of 3D, or so called stereo discs. Doctor Who discs include Full Circle eand Castrovalva…

17 22 Aug 2009

Dapol factory

Pictures from the Dapol factory Tour with katy Manning and John leeson…

8 29 Apr 2009


The Unique range of Doctor Who collectibles by Corgi was prduced to celebrate the 40th anniverary of Doctor Who….

14 10 Jun 2007


Between 1987 and 2001 Dapol held the licenses for making Doctor Who products…

79 8 Jun 2007

Doctor Who Sound Effects LP

Doctor Who Sound Effects. No less than seven alien worlds are visited, together with some extraordinary, extra-dimensional occurrences encountered on Earth …

4 14 May 2000

Doctor Who The Music 11 LP

Doctor Who The Music 11. Two blasts of Rassillon’s Horn welcome you to the Death Zone an Gallifrey, the scenario for THE FIVE DOCTORS’…

2 14 May 2000