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Wesco Retro Clock USB Hub & Torch

New items from Wesco including a USB hub based on the new Tardis exterior, a Doctor Who Retro alarm Clock featuring and a projection torch with 3 covers…

21 21 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Framed Photos

A Range of Doctor Who Framed Photos featuring the Doctor with sonic screwdriver, his faithful companion Amy, and the fearsome Weeping Angels and Daleks…

16 16 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Character and 3D posters

Doctor Who Character and 3D posters – Featuring all of your favourite characters from the series, this poster brings the adventure to your bedroom!..

19 16 Feb 2011

Bif Bang Pow Retro Action Figures Wave 1

The 4th Doctor, Cyberleader, Decayed Master and Sontaran Field Major Styre Figure Action Figures – Reminiscent of the best-selling action figures of the 1970s and 1980s…

51 12 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Dress-up Costumes

Doctor Who Dress-up Costumes: Follow in the footsteps of fashion icon Tom Baker and the Fourth Doctor, Tegan, Leela and the Fifth Doctor…

62 8 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Bikes and Accessories

MV Sports Doctor Who Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards and Accessories including scooter with monster identifier activated by a sonic screwdriver…

19 3 Feb 2011

WoW Stuff Doctor Who Tardis Safe

This TARDIS Safe can also only be opened with the enclosed key. Place your most secret possessions inside in the knowledge that only you can open it…

26 3 Feb 2011

Classic Themed Merchandise – New Items

New classic themed merchandise has been added to the already large range by Half Moon bay including additional mugs, keyrings, bags, fleeces and more…

11 28 Jan 2011

Retro figures from Bif Pang Pow!

Bif Pang Pow! – A New Line of retro Action Figures, playsets, bobble heads, license plate frames, journals, tin boxes, coasters, magnets, and glassware on their way…

39 18 Jan 2011

Doctor Who 2011 Puzzle Ball

A new dimension in puzzling – 108 Piece Doctor Who Puzzle Ball featuring Daleks, Silurians and more. This highly collectable sphere fits together to make a perfect ball…

14 18 Jan 2011

Doctor Who The Mazes of Time – New Level

The Mazes of Time update adds a brands new adventure for in-app purchase. Featuring the Autons this new level pack will provide the biggest challenge yet..

140 17 Jan 2011

Doctor Who 2011 Stationery – updated

A vast array of new stationery products is on its way including Matt Smith and Dalek notepads, school stationery sets, Fun Activity Books, pens, pencils cases and tins..

41 13 Jan 2011

Danbury Mint Doctor Who Chess Set

The Danbury Mint Chess set is now highly collectable. Once you had subscribed two chess pieces were sent out every other month at a cost of £15.45…

43 6 Jan 2011

WhoNews Doctor Who News App

WhoNews brings you the latest news from all your favourite Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures websites in one easy to use application…

24 27 Nov 2010