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Doctor Who Dreamland DVD

Stumbling across a mysterious alien artefact in a local diner, the Doctor is led to Area 51…

11 10 Jan 2010

Dalek War Box set

Featuring two six-part Jon Pertwee adventures involving one of the Doctor’s greatest nemeses…

22 2 Sep 2009

The Dalek Collection

The Doctor and his companions face the return of his deadliest enemy – the Daleks… Released 19/10/2009

6 25 Aug 2009

The Twin Dilemma

A race of giant gastropods has taken over the planet Jaconda…

11 1 Jul 2009

The War Games

When the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on Earth they find themselves in the midst of a terrifying battle…

6 10 Jun 2009

Delta & The Bannermen DVD

A Chimeron queen , the last surviving member of her race, is being pursued by the evil Gavrok and his Bannermen…

6 5 Jun 2009

Planet Of The Dead – DVD

Michelle Ryan plays the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza who joins the Doctor on a bus-trip…

5 15 Apr 2009

The Deadly Assassin – DVD

The Doctor arrives on Gallifrey, where he is accused of the assassination of the Time Lord President.

6 14 Apr 2009

Cybermen Collection

Revisit the Cybermen’s return in this fantastic collection featuring 4 thrilling episodes…

3 7 Apr 2009