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July 30th, 2021 no comments

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Big Chief 1:6 Scale Supreme Dalek ( Day of The Daleks )

Available to order individually or as part of a set from

As the Doctor’s most feared enemy, the Daleks continue their ruthless pursuit to conquer the universe. Now the Supreme Dalek and scores of Warrior Daleks have invaded.

The first releases in their classic era Dalek Collection are available to order now

The Daleks are available individually, or in sets with special discount savings.

Each Dalek features:

  • Rotating top dome (head)
  • Movable scanner (eye)
  • Light-up audio scanners blink to indicate communicarion
  • Rotating Top Section
  • Extending control arm with flexible manipulator
  • Rotatable laser weapon arm
  • Base can be manoeuvred in any direction

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