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Bif Bang Pow! Retro Action Figure: Dalek

This extraordinary Dalek Action Figure stands approximately 7″ tall. It features wheels and “neck” articulation, along with Bif Bang Pow!’s famed retro styling that takes…

32 25 Mar 2014

Christmas TARDIS Monitor Mate Bobble Head

Based on the Doctor Who sci-fi TV series.Santa brings a tiny TARDIS for your monitor! It’s pretty tough to top having a TARDIS sitting there on your monitor

6 24 Sep 2013

Bif Bang Pow Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Tin

Would you believe a cookie tin in the shape of the TARDIS? If you’re a big fan of the BBC’s Doctor Who sci-fi TV series, you would! This dark-blue…

2 30 Jul 2013

Monitor Mate Bobblehead: 4th Doctor

Now you can… every time you sit down at your computer! This splendid PVC plastic bobble head features Tom Baker, aka the Fourth Doctor, in miniature…

13 29 Apr 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Travel Mug Set

Each month of 2013 will have a different travel mug. One side will feature the silhouette of the Doctor and the other the Doctor Who logo from that season…

7 4 Mar 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Journal

Featuring a blue image of the Time Lord’s famous TARDIS time machine on a gold cover, and the special 50th anniversary logo, the Doctor Who 50th…

4 8 Feb 2013