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January 28th, 1985 5 comments

The Doctor Who Cookbook by Gary Downie

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The Macra Terror lived off a steady diet of toxic gas, the Ogri fed on blood, and even the fifth Doctor was known for his fondness for celery.

However, we humans need something a little more substantial, and Gary Downie has raided the cookbooks of the show’s stars to produce a mouth-watering selection of recipes guaranteed to delight your taste-buds.


From all corners of time and space come such exotic delights as Time Lady Tzaziki and Castrovalvan Kebabs, plus Mena’s Tachyonic Sauce and Patrick Troughton’s Vegetable Soup with Dalek Krotons!

And for the adventurous there is also Barry Letts’ mysterious unnamed dish from Venus, which lists among its ingredients Blim Tree Worms and Grated Snadge…

Chlodnik (Summer Beetroot Soup)
Courgette (Zucchini) Soup
Hawaiian Soup
Nerys’s Kinda Soup
South Western Gallifreyan Corn Soup
Vegetable Soup with Dalek Krotons
Vickissoise Soup

Appetisers and Savouries:
Borusa Peppers
Chicken Mousse
Croque de Governor or Croque Provengale
Cyberleader Special for Iron Replenishment
Davros Dalek Dip
Doctor Who’s Soft Planet Landing
E.T.T. (Extra Terrestrial Terrine)
Fielding’s Favourite Souffle
Fielding’s Ocker Balls
Frogs’ Legs a la Provengale
Hot Potato Salad
Kipper of Traken
Mena’s Tachyonic Sauce
Moules a la Gardienne Noire
Mushrooms McCrimmon
One O’Clock Salad
Razumovski Salad
Sil’s Slimy Slurp
Snakedance Starter
Time Lady Tzaziki

Main Courses: Fish Dishes:
Coley Anorexique
Dalek Bake with Exterminate Topping
Doctor’s Temptation
Hot Spinach and Prawns
A Master Prawn Curry
Meddling Monk Chowder
Pirate Paella
Remus Pie
Salmon in Pastry 40
Sole Suzanne 47

Meat Dishes:
Beef Mustardis
Castrovalvan Kebabs

Corned Beef Hash
Davros’s Ribs of Revenge
Doctor Ooh’s Fillet Steak
Gammon Gallifrey
Hamburgers in Mushroom Sauce
Moufatta’s Moussaka
Rani Steak Casserole
Shobogan Stew
Shockeye Moussaka
Spiced Rib of Baanjxx
Steak Diane
Todd in the Hole
Turlough’s Rolls
Wrack of Lamb

Poultry and Game:

Briggs’ Poulet a I’Orange
Celestial Chicken, or Paradisical Peacock
Chancellor Flavia’s Chicken Favourite
Chicken Boogaloo
Chicken Chaplet a la Dodo
Grilled Breast of Chicken a I’Azmael
Krotonised Khonchie
Lucknow Spiced Chicken
Romulus Apricot Chicken

Vegetarian Dishes:
Aubergine Mac
Casserole a la Chessene
Cauliflower Cheese
Leela’s Savage Savoury
Mushroom Pancakes in Hollandaise Sauce
Poached Egg Salad
Viennese Cabbage

Apple Thingy
Apricots a la Dastari
Brandy Sponge Cake
Brown Bread Ice Cream
Camera Script Ice Cream
Chancellor Flavia’s Favourite Syllabub
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Coupe Nick

And more….


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  • doctorin the TARDIS

    July 24th, 2012 - 4:31am

    Is the book being reissued along with the others? (you know- The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Three Doctors…)

  • Intergalactic

    July 8th, 2011 - 4:19pm

    What’s the point of this book?

  • Scarves are awesome

    February 3rd, 2011 - 6:47pm

    Thank the lord that real food doesn’t have unusaul names like that. Imagine asking for a Cyberleader special or Davros’ ribs of revenge at a restraunt.


    February 3rd, 2011 - 5:42pm

    yeh i wish i had that book! 🙁

  • Peter

    January 28th, 2011 - 11:28am

    Some really funny names there


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