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May 14th, 2021 no comments

BBV Productions The Door We Forgot (Audio Download)

Download available to order from

Can Giles, Sir Bedevere, Tasha, Maxie and Agamya defeat a malicious presence feeding on their regrets, or will guilt swallow them whole?

Produced and Narrated by Bill Baggs. Written by James Hornby and James Wylder. Edited by Hunter O’Connell and Genevieve Clovis. Cover design by James Hornby and Warren Lewis. Artwork by Callum and Stuart Brown. PROBE Logo by Lucas Kovacs. Post-production by Bill Baggs. Special thanks to Arcbeatle Press.

Runtime: 38 minutes.

Coming soon…

The Audio Adventures in Time & Space return in P.R.O.B.E.: Audiobooks, narrated by Bill Baggs.

The series centres around the new PROBE team, led by Liz Shaw’s protege Giles, as they explore the world of the paranormal. Some of these tales tell us how the members of the new PROBE team came to join the organisation. In others we see an insight into Giles’ mysterious past, and encounter familiar faces from the world of Doctor Who.

BBV is committed to releasing new content monthly. Any purchases made through their website will help fund future projects.

This month also sees the release of the previously announced JNT: Uncut, the complete and unedited interview with former Doctor Who producer John Nathan Turner. This, and many more releases, are available from

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