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The Companion Chronicles 4.12

Charlotte Pollard arrives in a toyshop, but she doesn’t know where she is – or even who she is…Released 30 June 2010

0 5 Mar 2010

The Three Doctors Audio CD

Jo glanced at the Doctor. ‘Things must be pretty serious then’. ‘They are, Jo. Very serious indeed… Released 8 April 2010

1 5 Mar 2010

Cubicle 7 Adventures in Time and Space RPG

We are the Earth’s best defence against the myriad alien forces who would try to subjugate and conquer our planet. Try they might, but they will meet UNIT…

9 20 Feb 2010

Doctor Who The Lost Stories 1.08

The TARDIS materializes on the USS Eldridge, after the Philadelphia Experiment has gone disastrously wrong… Released 30 June 2010

0 19 Feb 2010

Doctor Who The Lost Stories 1.07

Deep space in the distant future, and Captain Greeg and his crew are hunting mile-long Space Whales…Released 31 May 2010

0 18 Feb 2010