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Doctor Who Complete Series Seven Blu-ray

The 2012 Christmas special, The Snowmen, brings the Doctor a new friend (Jenna Coleman) in Victorian London – but has he already met her before?…

17 31 Jul 2013

Doctor Who: Spearhead From Space Blu-ray

Exile! The Time Lords have banished the newly regenerated Doctor to Earth. But The Doctor isn’t the only alien to have arrived, as a swarm of meteorites have crashed…

110 7 Jun 2013

Doctor Who And The Daleks (Blu-ray)

The first big screen spin-off from the television series featuring the infamous Daleks. Eccentric Earth inventor Doctor Who (Peter Cushing)..

44 9 Apr 2013

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (Blu-Ray)

Dust off your bow ties (bow ties ARE cool) and get ready to witness the official introduction of the Doctor’s new companion, Clara Oswald, played by…

15 12 Mar 2013

Torchwood: Series 1-4 Blu-ray Box Set

Torchwood: Series 1-4 Blu-ray Box Set: The complete Torchwood collection brings together all four series and special features of the award-winning drama…

1 20 Oct 2011

Sarah Jane Adventures – Series 4 Blu-ray

Sarah Jane is reunited with another of the Doctor’s former companions, Jo Grant, and they’re joined by the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) in an adventure….

18 26 Jul 2011

Torchwood – Miracle Day Blu ray

One day, nobody dies. All across the world. With all the extra people, resources are finite. It’s said that in four month’s time, the human race will cease to be viable…

11 6 Jul 2011