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The Forever Trap CD

When the TARDIS is invaded by a holographic marketing scam, the Doctor and Donna find themselves trapped on the Edifice…

1 9 Oct 2008

Lost Souls CD

The Torchwood team and Martha face danger at CERN in this special BBC radio episode…

0 11 Sep 2008

The Green Death CD

The Green Death begins slowly. In a small Welsh mining village a man emerges from the colliery covered in a green fungus…

0 11 Sep 2008

The Pyramids of Mars CD

For many thousands of years the Suthekh had waited… trapped in the heart of an Egyptian Pyramid…

0 14 Aug 2008

The Daemons CD

The Doctor is strangely concerned about Professor Horner’s plan to open an ancient barrow near the peaceful English village…

0 14 Aug 2008

The Pirate Loop CD

The Doctor’s been everywhere and everywhen in the whole of the universe and seems to know all the answers…

0 10 Jul 2008

The peacemaker CD

The peace of a remote homestead in the 1880s American West is shattered by the arrival of two shadowy outriders…

0 10 Jul 2008

Wishing well CD

The old village well is just a curiosity – something to attract tourists intrigued by stories of lost treasure…

0 10 Jul 2008

The Sensorites

The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor, his granddaughter Susan and Ian and Barbara, materialises on board a spaceship…

0 10 Jul 2008

Black Orchid

On a lazy June afternoon in 1925, the TARDIS materialises at the tiny railway station of Cranleigh Halt…

0 12 Jun 2008

The Auton Invasion CD

In this first adventure of his third ‘incarnation’, The Doctor, Liz Shaw and the Brigadier grapple with the invasion of Autons…

0 12 Jun 2008

Pest Control CD

The TARDIS is lost in battle on a distant planet. When the Doctor sets off in pursuit, Donna is left behind…

2 8 May 2008

The Romans

The year is 64 AD, and the TARDIS travelers are enjoying a restful time in a villa close to Rome…

0 7 May 2008

The Creature from the Pit

The planet Chloris is very fertile, but metal is in short supply and has therefore become extremely valuable…

0 2 Apr 2008

The Myth Makers

Long, long ago on the great plains of Asia Minor, two mighty armies faced each other in mortal combat…

3 2 Apr 2008
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