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Companion Chronicles 4.07

The TARDIS materializes in England in the year 1912, a time of great social change … Released Feb 2010.

2 12 Jan 2010

Logopolis Audio CD

In theory the TARDIS should be able to change its appearance to blend in unobtrusively… Released 4 Feb 2010

1 20 Dec 2009

The Last Voyage Audio CD

The TARDIS materialises on board the maiden voyage of a pioneering space cruiser… Released on 07/01/2010

0 25 Nov 2009

Hornets Nest Hive Of Horror

The Doctor and Mike must face their enemy in a final battle. They have an unwilling accomplice…Released December 3rd

0 3 Oct 2009

Doctor Who The Lost Stories 1.05

The Doctor and Peri visit the planet Targos Delta to check in on old friend Professor Albrecht Thompson… Released 31 March 2010

5 22 Sep 2009

Hornets Nest Circus Of Doom

In Blandford, 1832, ringmaster Antonio exerts a strange influence on the townsfolk… Released on 05/11/2009

3 11 Sep 2009