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Doctor Who Series 7 CD Soundtrack

Released 9th September 2013. Following on from the chart topping success of recent Doctor Who soundtrack releases, comes a further 2CD set of striking…

114 6 Aug 2013

Doctor Who Series 1 and 2 12 inch Vinyl

Doctor Who: Series one and two – 12 inch vinyl. Limited to 500 copies Double LP Gatefold Sleeve, Released 19th August 2013 Doctor Who Theme – TV Version…

15 17 Jul 2013

The Companion Chronicles 8.01 Mastermind

There’s also a prisoner in the Vault. An extraterrestrial known as the Master. He has been on Earth for some time, but now he’s under lock and key…

0 13 Jul 2013

Big Finish Gallifrey: Series 6 Box Set

Having infiltrated the Axis, the Daleks have secured access to a myriad alternative realities and, with them, countless Gallifreys… every one with…

32 12 Jul 2013

Enemy Aliens (Destiny of the Doctor 8)

1935: a message from a Time Lord in trouble sends the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte ‘Charley’ Pollard to the streets of London’s West End, in search of a …

21 18 Jun 2013

Doctor Who: Summer Falls Audio CD

When young Kate discovers a mysterious painting entitled ‘The Lord of Winter’ in a charity shop, it leads her on an adventure she never could have planned.

13 18 Jun 2013

Shockwave (Destiny of the Doctor 7)

In the far future, the inhabitants of Tarsus Six face a desperate struggle to evacuate their world before their sun, Tarsus Ultra, collapses into…

10 22 May 2013

Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon CD

When the TARDIS materializes on the primitive planet Peladon, the Doctor and Jo become embroiled in political machinations. What is the secret behind…

5 23 Apr 2013

The Archive Tapes Cybermen Audio CD

Actor David Banks created the character of the CyberLeader in BBC TV sci-fi series Doctor Who. In 1988 he wrote the book Cybermen…

21 21 Apr 2013

The Krotons CD Soundtrack

The Krotons starred Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor and was originally transmitted in 4 episodes on BBC1 between 28th December 1968 and 18thJanuary…

34 28 Mar 2013

Babblesphere (Destiny of the Doctor 4)

The violent, volcanic world of Hephastos is home to a colony of composers, painters, authors and poets, all striving to create the greatest works…

10 20 Mar 2013
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