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Big Finish 4th Doctor 4.04 Death Match

The Death-Match is under new management. The Hunt Master’s Champion has been installed. All regular players are welcomed back to the Pursuit Lounge to…

2 17 Feb 2015

Doctor Who Tales of Trenzalore Audio CD

David Troughton reads four original stories set in different periods of the Siege of Trenzalore, featuring the Eleventh Doctor as played by Matt Smith…

1 7 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Short Trips 5.02 Little Doctors

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe to a sophisticated Earth colony. Olympos is a world of hi-tech cities, where the lives of the populace are controlled…

1 5 Jan 2015

Big Finish XII Trial of the Valeyard

There is some evil in all of us – even the Doctor. Transported aboard the Time Lords’ orbiting courtroom, the Doctor once again encounters the Valeyard…

5 17 Nov 2014