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The Time Machine (Destiny of the Doctor 11)

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, this is a brand new adventure for the Eleventh Doctor. It is written by Matt Fitton and read by Jenna Coleman…

17 15 Aug 2013

Death’s Deal (Destiny Of The Doctor 10)

Continuing the series celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who, this is a brand new adventure for the Tenth Doctor. It is written by Darren Jones and performed by Catherine Tate…

14 15 Aug 2013

Doctor Who: The TV Episodes Collection 6

These classic soundtrack adventures, with additional linking narration, have all been remastered and include bonus interviews with William Russell, Maureen O’Brien…

10 12 Aug 2013

Enemy Aliens (Destiny of the Doctor 8)

1935: a message from a Time Lord in trouble sends the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte ‘Charley’ Pollard to the streets of London’s West End, in search of a …

21 18 Jun 2013

Doctor Who: Summer Falls Audio CD

When young Kate discovers a mysterious painting entitled ‘The Lord of Winter’ in a charity shop, it leads her on an adventure she never could have planned.

13 18 Jun 2013

Shockwave (Destiny of the Doctor 7)

In the far future, the inhabitants of Tarsus Six face a desperate struggle to evacuate their world before their sun, Tarsus Ultra, collapses into…

10 22 May 2013

Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon CD

When the TARDIS materializes on the primitive planet Peladon, the Doctor and Jo become embroiled in political machinations. What is the secret behind…

5 23 Apr 2013

The Archive Tapes Cybermen Audio CD

Actor David Banks created the character of the CyberLeader in BBC TV sci-fi series Doctor Who. In 1988 he wrote the book Cybermen…

21 21 Apr 2013

Babblesphere (Destiny of the Doctor 4)

The violent, volcanic world of Hephastos is home to a colony of composers, painters, authors and poets, all striving to create the greatest works…

10 20 Mar 2013

Doctor Who and The Tomb of the Cybermen CD

The Cybermen – silver, indestructible monsters whose only goal is power – seem to have disappeared from their planet, Telos. When a party of archaeologists…

11 27 Feb 2013