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October 6th, 2023 129 comments

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Three New Doctor Who sets at B&M Stores

The Character Options team is delighted to finally reveal details of the final Doctor Who Collector Sets for B&M Stores, for 2023. Available later this month (date to be determined by the retailer), these three new sets will add to those revealed in August and will be the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

The first of the new arrivals is a three-figure set that goes back to 1976 with three 5.5” scale characters presented in updated 4th Doctor Branded packaging. And to keep up with demand from fans of the Daleks, there are two new History Sets to look forward to, too. Each pack features a comprehensive description, together with details on the inspiration behind each set, a short precis of which is below.

The Deadly Assassin (08019)

This figure trio features the Fourth Doctor in Time Lord robes, collar and skull cap, Chancellor Goth in his Prydonian Chancellery robes and the Claret robed Cardinal Borusa, all iconic characters from the third serial of Season 14.

This was the only story in the Classic series of Doctor Who to feature the Doctor without a companion and saw the return of the Doctor’s nemesis, the Master, but in a heavily decayed state at the end of his original regeneration cycle. The storyline sees the Doctor head to Gallifrey to answer to the Time Lords’ summons.

On the way, he is struck by a premonition that he will assassinate the Lord President – a premonition that plays out! The Doctor is quickly apprehended but by claiming a right to stand for President he sends Gallifrey into a constitutional crisis. The full synopsis behind the episode and creation of the set can be enjoyed on the packaging.

The History of the Daleks #15 – Remembrance of the Daleks (08020)

This next installment for the History of the Daleks series includes a supreme Dalek and a Grey Renegade Dalek, from an episode that first aired in 1988.

For Remembrance of the Daleks, the producer and writing team sought to give the Daleks more credibility and menace. The story reveals two factions of Daleks fighting a civil war: the Grey Daleks, or ‘renegades’ led by the black Supreme Dalek and the Imperial Dalek force led by The Emperor ‘Davros’. Humanity is caught in the crossfire as both sides hunt their objective, an ancient Gallifreyan Artifact known as the ‘Hand of Omega’ through London.

The History of the Daleks #16/17 – New Series Gold and Black Daleks (08021)

Featuring one Time War survivor Dalek and one Black Dalek, these Daleks herald back to the start of the New Series in 2005. During 2004 the props department were challenged with coming up with a new Dalek design for the series. The feeling of those involved was that the Dalek needed updating to a more modern look.

In the story ‘Dalek’ one surviving Dalek is kept in an underground bunker, the pet plaything of a multi billionaire who collects alien junk. When it finally regenerates, we find out exactly how deadly one lone Dalek can be.

Black Dalek Sec is one of a set of four Daleks to emerge from a Dimension Ship on Earth in the Torchwood research facility. These survivors of the Time War have hidden in the spaces between dimensions awaiting the moment to emerge once more. Upon their arrival, all hell breaks loose as the Daleks and Cybermen rally for an all-out war.

Al Dewar, Creative Director at Character Options, said: “This time, we’ve jumped around a little. We’ve delved back into the Classic series to bring the collectors Time Lords, and not just any Time Lords .. these are the Time Lords of old, when they were still a mystery to fans in their second TV appearance. It was a delight to bring the 4th Doctor in his Time Lord robes, the beguiling Chancellor Goth as played by Bernard Horsefall, a true Doctor Who legend, and the Doctor’s old schoolmaster Cardinal Borusa, from the eternally fabulous Deadly Assassin story to the shelves.

“Then we skipped over the Resurrection of the Daleks, though we will inevitably cover that one, and went straight to Remembrance to bring fans the iconic Black Dalek Supreme and Grey drone. These have a many updated features and stand out well. You just can’t beat a Remembrance Grey Dalek blasting its way around London! These flat grey ‘chunky’ Classic Daleks were so impressive in their last TV outing.

“For Set two we delved into the New Series with the ‘original’ Bronze Dalek from ‘Dalek’, interestingly the only one to feature, the waistband in gold. The colour scheme on this Dalek is slightly different than the later ones with less contrast between the gold and bronze. Adding to the mix is Dalek Sec -the original though not last, Black Dalek Supreme. The impact of the first Black Dalek for decades was so impressive at the time and just added to the feeling of menace that the new design conveyed.

“As usual, hopefully there’s something here for everyone to enjoy and, as Leela might say, ‘Good luck to you all in the eternal B&M Set hunt!’”

These new sets will be available in the coming weeks at local B&M Stores. The retail price will be determined by the store.

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  • K Morris

    November 19th, 2023 - 6:49pm

    It was somewhat of a surprise to find all of the 2023 Dalek sets in both of my local B&M Stores
    as well The Deadly Assassin Figure Set as previously it has been pot luck if they have any of the range in stock the only release they have not had this year is the 6th Doctor & Tardis

    • Yarwin

      November 21st, 2023 - 11:30pm

      Same here, just need the tardis now

  • Mark

    October 15th, 2023 - 1:40pm

    Cam we have a map please

    • HS

      October 25th, 2023 - 3:32pm

      A map for what? They’re not distributed yet. The map always gets put on when distribution begins.

  • Eric the Dalek

    October 9th, 2023 - 1:18pm

    I’m happy to get more Time Lord figures. No complaints. Once the new series kicks off, perhaps we may find classic characters getting mainstream releases again, mixed in with Ncuti’s era. I would love to see Jamie, Barbara, Susan. Or perhaps, the Valeyard and the Watcher with the Fugitive Doctor, in a set for ” Alternate Doctors”. A series of ” Regenerating” figures would be beyond expectations, with light up energy effects. I’m just glad that Who is going to continue.

  • Slitheen71

    October 9th, 2023 - 9:47am

    I think CO & B&M may need to look at the 3 packs because they don’t sell as well as the Dalek and Tardis sets. I don’t know if they make more of these but it always IMO seems like over the last few years they have wedged a duff 3rd figure in to to keep costs low just to obtain a 3 pack. 2 packs are ok as the Hundel/Dalek pack shows. A Hologram 9th Doctor and bronze dalek would have jumped off the shelves without the cost of new head sculpt and the wedged in Rose. The flux 13th Dr and projected fire Angel would have sold without Yaz with new hair sculpt. Also if your going to put variants in sets don’t do it when the other 2 figures are so specific, would have liked both angels but don’t need another 13th and Yaz. Tempted by Cyberman and cyberleader but didn’t because didn’t want other figures again. We could of had three 2 packs in the 5 Doctors range, a 2nd Dr in coat and Cyberman, 3rd Dr and cyberleader and raston warrior robot and damaged Cyberman using attack set head with removable face plate.
    Love trial of time Lord set but could have made it into two 2 packs with Tom and Goth and with a new head sculpt Borusa and either Tom in shirt of crispy master.
    I’m not just having a moan, I worry that ever tightening budget constraints may be pushing the 3 packs to becoming shelf fillers.

    • booboo

      October 9th, 2023 - 9:52am

      In the past the 3 packs have always been double the quantity of the individual Dalek Sets (because they had the same code).

      Not sure if its the same now

    • Slitheen71

      October 9th, 2023 - 10:30am

      Just thinking of the more superior 2 packs we’ve received from B&M and they sell for same price as 3 packs but sell better. There maybe less produced but I think even being a higher price they seem to be held in higher regard than the 3 packs packs over last few years, just by reviews and comments on your site
      Ace and Dalek.
      12th Dr and Davros
      4th Dr and K1 robot
      Davros and Dalek
      When a figured is wanted by a collector they pay and I think instead of repainted Yates or time Lords, people would sooner drop the the 3rd figure for 2 more desired ones and wouldn’t mind the price increase. B&M would still be cheaper charging £24.99 in 2023 for 2 figures than forbidden planet who 10 years ago were changing £29.99 for a 2 pack

    • booboo

      October 9th, 2023 - 10:41am

      B&M most likely look at this investment as a whole rather than profit on individual sets, possibly with the lower production costs of 3 figure sets off setting some of the additional cost for the Dalek Sets.

      B&M sets the (probably very low) budget and CO have to work within that.

      If they produce sets that are far more expensive, and with lower margin and they dont sell that would be it for the range.

    • Martino

      October 9th, 2023 - 11:43am

      I always assumed Al was piggy-backing non-Dalek sets with the History of the Daleks sets. It would be the smart way of selling the idea of Voords, Sensorites etc to B&M. Clearly – CLEARLY – Al is doing this for the fans, and not for a quick buck, filling in the gaps in the Character Options range. B&M selling monsters from the First Doctor era instead of repackaged Cybermen etc is pretty cool. Some collectors don’t seem to realise how lucky we are to have a Doctor Who fan in charge of these releases.

    • Daniel Seymour

      October 19th, 2023 - 8:15am

      Daleks and Cybermen sell more as they are the ultimate army builders. A collector with enough space and wealth would probably buy two or three packs at a time (alas I can only dream of doing this). I dont think the History of the Daleks sets that contain a non Dalek would sell as much, unless you want an army of first doctors.

    • Rory

      October 19th, 2023 - 10:35am

      @Daniel If they did an Edmund Warwick first Doctor then you could realistically have an army.

  • Anthony Fagn

    October 9th, 2023 - 9:09am

    Just hope the sets are more fairly distributed this time as the last wave most stores in the North of England and most of Scotland had at least 3 cases of each set whereas South wales had (if they were lucky) one case of each. Then on top of that you have the army of scalpers to contend with…

  • Bob James

    October 9th, 2023 - 2:30am

    Happy to see them repurposing and utilizing that wonderful Time Lord sculpt from the later 2000’s. With some new head sculpts and repaints this introduces the possibility of several more characters. An Eric Roberts Master? A Time Lord Victorious Tenth Doctor? I hope they stay creative with this.

  • Sime

    October 8th, 2023 - 12:28pm

    Really glad and appreciate that these sets get made. I’m loving them all. Definitely hoping to get all three.

  • WhoCollector

    October 8th, 2023 - 11:48am

    The other baffling question i have is, why did they do a brand new ninth doctor jacket and head for the ninth doctor set (last year) – instead of creating a brand new eighth doctor dark eyes coat wrap, and using the existing head that came with the war doctor… like, these are simple small changes to the sets – well within budget, as clearly shown with what was received in that wave. There is simultaneously lots of thought that goes into these sets, and what appears to be some misses.

    Its using the existing budget, and cutting costs at the same time as there is one less new head to create. It would make the set that bit more interesting. Mainly reusing parts, with a single new piece. They dont even have to use the war head, they could just use the night of the doctor one.

    That would keep these within their budget and make somthing unique for collectors, expanding the customer base of the set.

    Its the same thing with these fourth doctor heads, they are a waste imo. Id rather a standard fourth doctor head from the non b&m waves. Maybe more inaccurate, yes? But a much better likeness? Yes! – A new sixth doctor season 23 head, would actually benefit from the mind of paint and sculpting used on these newer figures. His face is a bit less defined in season 23, hence all the carrot juice

  • Pjd94

    October 8th, 2023 - 9:51am

    Will Al be doing one of his presentation videos?

  • Simon Cumming

    October 7th, 2023 - 11:44pm

    No-one really seems to be mentioning it, but doesn’t anyone else think these Tom Baker sculpts are getting softer with each release – that looks more like Miriam Margolyes than Tom Baker.

    It’s a shame, as the original Fourth Doctor sculpts are, imo, some of the sharpest for any Doctor.

    • Dean Wells

      October 8th, 2023 - 5:45pm

      Yes for goodness sake give Tom some extra hair, too!

    • Tom

      October 9th, 2023 - 12:11am

      Agreed. The heavy dark eyes and eyebrows are also way off the mark.

  • Tom

    October 7th, 2023 - 8:14pm

    Just a shame that the greedy scalpers will snatch all these up. I’m not even close to a B&M, I wish that they made more of these sets and that they weren’t just B&M exclusive or were available to purchase on the website.

    • Rex F

      October 8th, 2023 - 1:27am

      The scalpers don’t seem to be making much on current sets. I’m guessing they either have large staff discounts or quick fingers. If you don’t live near B&M they’ll probably end up the same price as store plus petrol/bus money.

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