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April 20th, 2021 29 comments

The Collection Limited Edition Clear Protection Boxes

Images of the Plastic box covers Daz found. They are ideal if you display your Doctor Who The Collection Limited Edition boxes like his with cover facing out.

The width is bigger than needed but could potentially squeeze in a ten disc 60’s set eventually. Please note they might still not be suitable for those placing them on shelf like a book.

18.3 x 15.3 x 6.3cm £4 each from Using link below you can select the correct size on the drop-down menu.

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  • Steelbook Central

    July 14th, 2021 - 12:23pm

    Hey Guys, We have designed the DW1 and DW2 Protectors for the Doctor Who Collection. We have designed 2 sizes, the DW1 Protector which will fit Season 10, 12 and 23, the DW2 will fit Season 8, 14, 18, 19, 24 and 26. As season 26 is an odd size it will have to go inside DW2 for now. Hopefully they bring more releases out with the same width, we can then make another protector, hope that’s ok 🙂 The price will be nothing like £4 each, so I would save your money, we are hoping to have these in stock in a few months time. We do not have prices yet but I would imagine a pack of 10 would cost around the £15 mark for a pack of 10.

    • booboo

      July 14th, 2021 - 12:49pm

      let us know when you can order them we would happily do a post about them

    • Gregg

      July 15th, 2021 - 10:40am

      Can’t wait, thanks for the email on this yesterday! 🙂

  • Davinia

    July 12th, 2021 - 2:58pm

    These are the spine widths only.

    Season 8 measures 52mm
    10 = 46mm
    12 = 45mm
    14 = 52mm
    18 = 53mm
    23 = 45mm
    24 = 53mm
    26 = 50mm

    Measurements are approx. and could be 1mm either way. I don’t own season 19 to check. I assume the length and height for each set are the same? The measurements are including the J card.

  • Paul1971

    April 21st, 2021 - 12:39pm

    Would these fit in these comfortably with the J cards on though? I am very keen to protect these sets as card packaging gets damaged so easily.

    • daz

      April 21st, 2021 - 1:57pm

      Hi Paul.

      Just had a look and unfortunately they are no good if you want to keep J-card on them. It is a snug fit without so no chance of squeezing it in.

      Spoke to person at deflectordc and they are looking into possibility of doing some accurate sized ones too in future.

    • Philip Shaw

      April 22nd, 2021 - 6:54pm

      Don’t know why the J card won’t fit, it fits nearly snug to the box set…

  • Gordon

    April 21st, 2021 - 8:49am

    These are quite nice. Not sure if I’d need them though.

  • Anonymous

    April 20th, 2021 - 6:55pm

    I thought the limited edition was meant for the covers themselves! 😀

  • Dalekz

    April 20th, 2021 - 3:50pm

    This is another reason why I’m happy they are doing the non limited edition re-issue versions.
    I dislike cardboard Blu-ray sets (as well as steel books) as they are virtually impossible to keep in good condition without buying something like these covers.
    I have non of the classic series Blu-Rays but I’m defiantly getting the new versions as they are cheaper, will be easier to find and the discs are basically the same anyway!

    • daz

      April 20th, 2021 - 6:08pm

      I’m interested to see side by size images of the limited editions next to the standard ones once they are out.

      It is great fans can get the standard versions now. But I love the limited sets with the bigger artwork, full booklet and Console Room art.

    • Dalekz

      April 21st, 2021 - 4:46pm

      I can see the appeal of the big artwork and full booklet yes, It’s great for fans who want something a bit more luxury to display as well as watch.
      I’m always happy with the cheaper easier option as it’s the episodes in HD that interests me more than displaying the boxes as I don’t have the room for that anyway.
      I was really happy to hear of the standard sets coming out but also glad they are still doing the luxury sets for those who want them.

  • Red Dalek

    April 20th, 2021 - 3:33pm

    The prices are for 1 vinyl box

    • ReddDalek

      April 20th, 2021 - 3:34pm

      Says £15 on website?

    • booboo

      April 20th, 2021 - 3:40pm

      that’s a default, use the drop down for the size shown, its £4.99

  • bryan

    April 20th, 2021 - 1:19pm

    Would love something like this , for my Vinyl boxed sets. A poly sleeve is fine for slip case style. but lidded boxes, need something better. and this in the right size would be brilliant.

    I keep my DW sets, in the L Card supplied, so no wear and tear from Shelf wear. still nice for display purposes. not sure even I could command that much space for 26?) sets face on.

  • Anonymous

    April 20th, 2021 - 10:52am

    What do you do with the cards Daz?

    • Philip Shaw

      April 20th, 2021 - 12:00pm

      I leave my outer cards on, they are part of the thing, don’t know why anyone would throw them away.

    • Anonymous

      April 20th, 2021 - 12:32pm

      I leave my j cards on too Philip. As you say there part of the set, and for collectors who are space contious they take no more room up whatsoever.
      I noticed Daz’s cards were missing and wondered if he binned them?

    • daz

      April 20th, 2021 - 1:41pm

      I keep the J-card flat packed in a folder. I’d never bin them.

      I wanted full image on view. I’m looking forward to having 27 sets on display eventually as one piece of artwork as luckily I have the space.

    • Anonymous

      April 20th, 2021 - 3:47pm

      Nice one Daz, glad youve kept them, there part of the packaging after all.
      I have heard on some sites though that some people throw away the Cards.

    • daz

      April 20th, 2021 - 9:38pm

      Yeah. That’s why CEX has some without the J card.

      I haven’t kept the Steelbook ones. I actually trim those ones down and keep the main episode info from the back in box.

      I know if they ever re-do NewWho like the Season sets I’ll trade my Steelbooks in to help pay for them.

      I sold all my DVD’s in 2019.

  • Anonymous

    April 20th, 2021 - 10:49am

    When you see these boxes on display like this, it really highlights how much smarter and decorative they are in comparison to hundreds of grey DVD covers (although I appreciate they have their fans).

  • Anonymous

    April 20th, 2021 - 10:43am

    I’ve been in contact with a steelbook centeral over the past months and they have just asked for the sizes of the season sets. Apparently there are currently three different sizes? Yes? Can anyone help on this for me

    • Anonymous

      April 20th, 2021 - 11:54am

      Hi, follow up. Steelbook centeral has ordered a couple of the box sets so they can measure them at a closer. If you want the cases to fit properly, hold off on these for now. I’ll come back with updates, I buy my steelbook protectors from them and they are great!

    • Gordon Wilson

      April 20th, 2021 - 7:58pm

      I have also been in discussions with the MD of steelbook central and it was me who gave him the sizes of the boxsets depending on whether they are a 6/7/8 disc set. The width and heights are consistent, the only difference is the depth. I haven’t heard from him for a wee while now though.

    • Anonymous

      April 20th, 2021 - 8:32pm

      I’ve been in discussions for around a month and heard back today that they’ve ordered some to measure

    • Anonymous

      April 20th, 2021 - 8:33pm

      Also I usually order around 100 of the proper plastic steelbook protectors when I make an order

    • daz

      April 20th, 2021 - 9:43pm

      Hope you hear from them soon. Be good that there might be a few options for us all.

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