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December 2nd, 2020 10 comments

Rubbertoe Evolution of the Cyberman Coasters

Now available to order from Rubbertoe via

Also available to order from

Rubbertoe Replicas is pleased to present the Evolution of the Cyberman! This stunning four piece set features four of our favourite representations of one of the most iconic characters in Doctor Who history.


The Cyberman has continued to evolve over the last SO years, with changes and advances in costume and prop-making. However, the cold menace that has had us hiding behind the sofa for the last 50 years, Is the same now as it was when the first Cybermen appeared on our screens in 1966.


Featuring the Mark 01, Mark 04, Mark 05 and Mark 08 Cyberman head designs, these stunning coasters are cold cast from resin and aluminium with a distressed industrial feel. They are pleasingly weighty, and also look amazing framed up in sequence on the wall.

Special introductory price £21.99! Perfect Doctor Who gifts and presents!


The coasters come packed in their own Doctor Who themed Gift box. Also available to purchase from Rubbertoe Replicas are custom made stands to display your coasters in all their glory, or to use as a back-drop to your sonic screwdriver.


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  • Anonymous

    January 10th, 2021 - 7:46pm

    Am I right in thinking these are the the Cybus, mondasian, invasion and earthshock cybermen?

  • Anonymous

    January 5th, 2021 - 5:25pm

    Great set, got these on display on the mantle piece, but am just wondering what other cyberman product would go well with them? initially thought about the Robert Harrop statues but they seem long gone and am now considering getting the corresponding eaglemoss versions to display next to them perhaps? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    December 2nd, 2020 - 7:12pm

    I bought everything Rubbertoe when there was a proper shop to buy it from. Cardiff Exhibition. The most tragic loss to Doctor Who since Robert Holmes and Philip Hinchcliffe left.

    I think 1 design is appropriate, perhaps 2 at a push. Tenth Planet, absolutely. But for me the best classic Cyberman is Revenge; either version – a perfect evolution of Troughton era Cybermen. Then Nightmare in Silver design, then one of the 2020 designs.

    Tenth, Revenge, Nightmare and Villa I would have gone for.

    My top list would be

    1. Villa D partial human reveal Cyberman
    2. Nightmare
    3. Revenge
    4. JN-T era
    5. Troughton era
    6. Tenth Planet
    7. Non-Timelord Cybermen
    8. Timelord-esque Cybermen
    9. Tennant/Smith era

  • TARDIS_H63

    December 2nd, 2020 - 11:51am

    Booboo, do you get the whole set or just 1?

    • booboo

      December 2nd, 2020 - 12:22pm

      whole set

  • David

    December 2nd, 2020 - 11:06am

    Can we change the mk8 for a mk2 please?

  • Anonymous

    October 21st, 2016 - 11:13pm

    That’s looks like mk 4 and mk6 to me as mk5 would be revenge.

  • Chris Alderman

    October 19th, 2016 - 9:30pm

    Do you think this is a one-off or will Rubbertoe complete the set? If so then their numbers seem a bit off don’t they? Two models out of ‘The Moonbase’, ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’, ‘The Wheel in Space’ and ‘The Invasion’ will have to go. No idea what Mark 07 could be either considering the Cybermen don’t really change in the 1980’s apart from getting shinier in ‘Silver Nemesis’. I guess Mark 09 is an optional ‘Nightmare in Silver’.

  • DavidH

    October 19th, 2016 - 4:52pm


  • Reece

    October 19th, 2016 - 1:57pm



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