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July 11th, 2017 10 comments

Rubbertoe 4th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Replica

Available to order from

For their first foray into the classic Whoniverse, they decided on the iconic 4th doctor’s sonic, used by the inimitable Tom Baker, the longest running on-screen Doctor, who graced our screens from 1974 to 1981.

The Rubbertoe 4th Doctor’s Sonic Replica has been meticulously researched by an amazing team of experts (Ron Daniels, Brian Terranova, Jason Aud and James Sutton, thank you!

They couldn’t have done it without you guys!), and as result of all this hard work, it’s accuracy is absolutely unparalleled. (See their potted history of the 4th Sonic page for more details). Made from aluminium, stainless steel and brass, with the characteristic Tom Baker era magnetic head, it is a must have for every discerning Whovian.

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  • David mckirdy

    November 4th, 2018 - 10:25am

    What the hell I took the plunge and ordered one and payed it up through a payment plan they offer but I haven’t received mine yet as rubber toe say coz they make props for the show their workload has doubled plus there is a problem with supply era so don’t know when to expect mine.

  • David mckirdy

    July 16th, 2018 - 9:38pm

    I would like to buy this beautiful item but when I get round to buying one they will all have gone . This is what I hate about limited edition items way to expensive and not enough made there are only 500 made .

  • The Truth

    July 13th, 2017 - 1:27pm

    Plus VAT plus shipping…….. don’t give a display cover. I guess for the price The Fourth Doctor delivers them.

  • The Living Shadow

    July 11th, 2017 - 6:56pm

    *Nardole’s Sonic Screwdriver.

    • Jordan Scott

      July 11th, 2017 - 7:39pm

      That was actually the 5th Doctor’s sonic with the completely red emitter head and white band.

  • Vortexsurfer

    July 11th, 2017 - 5:44pm

    How much was the official one Ian Crichton did for Product Enterprises/Iconic Replicas? £150? That one was just as accurate (I’m looking at mine on the shelf now), so you’re paying an extra £200 for a magnet and a sound chip…

  • DoctorFan

    July 11th, 2017 - 12:25pm


    • DoctorFan

      July 11th, 2017 - 12:26pm

      350£ are you kidding!!!!
      Still beautiful but way out of my price range!!!!

    • Anonymous

      July 11th, 2017 - 3:28pm

      What a minutes difference makes

    • Jordan Scott

      July 11th, 2017 - 4:46pm

      Looks stunning but just out of curiosity can anyone actually afford these?

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