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October 11th, 2018 18 comments

Rubbertoe 13th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

This item will be available from

Rubbertoe Replicas is pleased to be able to offer this stunning, screen accurate replica of the new 13th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver!

Just like the 11th & 12th Doctor’s Sonics, the original filming prop was made by our master prop-maker, Nick Robatto, right here in the Rubbertoe workshops (not a garage in Shefield). And as with our other sonic replicas, this unique replica will be made using exactly the same techniques, materials, measurements and designs as the filming prop.

This replica is the closest you can get to owning the original filming prop – there is no difference in the sonics we have made for the show, and the one we will make for you, giving your replica a provenance and rarity like no other.

This limited edition piece will come in a beautiful presentation box, with a numbered display stand and certificate of authenticity, both signed by Nick Robatto.

​Your replica will have the same features as the filming props; the crystal emitter will spin, the middle jointed section can be twisted 180º so the end section either curves up or down, and it will light up.

The replica, (as is the case with the filming prop), will not feature sound.

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  • Andrew Pattenden

    November 14th, 2019 - 7:42am

    Anyone received theirs yet?

    • BtsR

      November 14th, 2019 - 12:49pm

      Looks like for the first shipment its up to the 22nd December. What number are you?
      Mines quite awhile off yet maybe around September next year. As soon as you get it be good to see some video footage and more pictures of the prop

    • Andrew Pattenden

      November 19th, 2019 - 6:49am

      I called them & was told that it should ship at the end of this week. So I’ll keep you posted.
      From memory I think my number is thirtysomething.

    • Anonymous

      November 24th, 2019 - 4:35am

      The first 35 are due to be shipped by the end of next week according to Rubbertoes Instagram account

  • BtsR

    November 13th, 2019 - 9:44am

    Anyone here order this prop ? I’m still wasting to see the first wave of reviews ? Put my deposit down this month, I curious as to What number are you and when to expect the first wave.

    • Andrew Pattenden

      November 14th, 2019 - 7:44am

      Ordered mine a year ago & been 4 weeks now since I paid the balance, so any day now I hope.

  • Anon

    October 13th, 2018 - 6:52pm

    Beautiful, wish it was in my price range. Just the CO and seven 20 (thanks for the Amazon tip booboo ) for me, shame they can’t combine them – body of the CO with features of the seven 20 – would then be far more screen accurate.

    • Chris

      October 14th, 2018 - 6:46am

      I feel like there’s only two things wrong with the Se7en20 one. The first is the wooden looking “metal pitting”. It almost looks like a 3D print. I feel like filling it in and repainting it would help with that. Use a Dremel to add some metal looking pits.

      The other thing is the mid-section, how the metal tube bit is missing. You could add a machined or lathed aluminum rod in to that bit but it would take some filing down of the sonic body to fit it. Doing that would probably ruin the handle turning feature too.

      Like you say, best option is opening the CO toy and adding the Se7en20 toy electronics.

      Has anyone opened either of them up yet, anywhere?

    • Doctor What

      October 14th, 2018 - 1:03pm

      Managed to take the sides off, theoretically you could do it but you’d need to modify a lot of the Character Options innards as they are encased and there’s no room for the other button to work as all of the components of the Se7en20 one are smaller

  • Anonymous

    October 12th, 2018 - 10:49am

    £750 is utterly ridiculous, although this company have always been way over priced for their Doctor Who collectibles.

    • Anonymous

      October 12th, 2018 - 12:34pm

      That’s why it is at the HIGH END of the Collector’s Market. If you want a replica that is hand-made from the actual show’s prop makers then this is the price you pay. Of course Rubbertoe are not the only company producing Collector’s items. At that end of the market you can expect stuff like the 11th. Doctor Steiff Teddy Bear and before it went defunct, the Harlequin Jewellery range.

  • When The Doctor Was Me

    October 11th, 2018 - 7:43pm

    I would love to own this! But £750 is a lot of money to part with. Not that I think it’s over priced. Maybe if I win the lottery. Lol

    • The Doctor

      October 11th, 2018 - 8:51pm

      Works out closer to £900 with the 20% VAT added. I think they offer payment plans because as you say, very expensive. Not something for the average fan.

  • Anonymous

    October 11th, 2018 - 7:41pm

    I was planning on just making my own. The doctor did hers with from a garage in Sheffield using only spoon metal. And I was just hoping for Tim Shaw to come around and I can steal his pod. If it saves me money

  • Tjmov

    October 11th, 2018 - 7:37pm

    I really love this, I just wish there will be some sort of affordable alternative available – character did well with the 12th and war doctor sonics, even the classic ones are okay. The wand company 10th and 11th Doctor sonics are really good high quality but I’m not sure if their license was not renewed or if they are having success with Star Trek and Fallout merch that they don’t intend on returning to Doctor Who. The character options 13th doctor sonic is not great and very cheaply made – a real step back from all the sonic toys they’d made in recent past. The Seven20 one looks better, being what looks like a 3d scan/print of the original prop making it the right shape and size and the electronic features are spot on a The only issues being that it does have a low quality 3D print texture to it and it is only available in the US. Only time will tell.

    • booboo

      October 11th, 2018 - 8:50pm

      you can get the seven20 one for less than £30 UK delivered including all costs

      To me it looks like neither the Character or seven20 are in anyway “replicas” or screen accurate now to be honest both are just compromises.

  • 1963Whovian

    October 11th, 2018 - 7:23pm

    Looks brilliant! Nick has done a great job. A bit confused though. Judging by the concept art and prop, the emitter doesn’t rotate. But it seems that it does on the Rubbertoe version.

  • Anonymous

    October 11th, 2018 - 7:21pm

    Getting a closer look at it, I think the character version is more accurate. The seven20 one has a weird wooden effect for some reason.


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