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February 10th, 2024 16 comments

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Regeneration Set USA $54.99 Diamond Pick up Distribution?

Available to order for $54.99 from Go! Sports & Entertainment via This price also seems to include USA postage.

UK buyers can also search for this item on

Doctor Who fans, brace yourselves for an adventure of regeneration proportions with the BBC Doctor Who Two Figure Character Regeneration Collector Set.

This isn’t just any assortment of Doctor Who figurines – it’s a celebration of the enduring legacy of the beloved series and a nod to the ever-changing faces of the Doctor. With figures standing at 5.5 inches tall, these meticulously detailed renditions of the 13th and 14th Doctor will stand proudly in any fan’s collection. With figures standing at 5.

It appears that Diamond Comics may have picked up the distribution rights to Character products in the USA. Multiple regenerations sets are available from the Go! Sports & Entertainment ebay store. These sets have sold out in the UK and have sold for anywhere up to $200 in the USA recently.

The 14th Doctor Sonic screwdriver is also listed in Previews World. Its yet to be seen if this will extend to items such as the B&M Sets.

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  • Matthew Seaman

    March 17th, 2024 - 4:34pm

    Just bought one from – cheaper to ship to the UK… it says Diamond are the suppliers. Do we think it’s legit?

    • booboo

      March 17th, 2024 - 4:55pm

      would image so these are all well known established retailers

  • William Trimble

    March 12th, 2024 - 2:21pm

    Just got mine today in the UK , for context ordered on the 15th February and it’s now 12th march so been waiting a while but so worth it as I missed it on the original release.
    Interesting that it comes in 2 boxes 3 if you include the box the figures in , an outside box and the inside box says Character options Oldham on it so it must of been extra stock sent state side and and one brought back for me when I ordered it .
    But steep on the price came to around £70-80 I think I had no problems with customs but do at your own risk as I have had things in the past get charged extra £30 or so .
    Overall extremely happy to add this to my collection.

  • Thatchos

    February 21st, 2024 - 3:27am

    Mine just arrived this afternoon! Ordered it through eBay on Wednesday and it came in about 6 days (it’s still the eve of Tuesday the 20th where I’m at). The price is a little steeper than I had expected but still reasonable enough for me to cave in and buy.

    I am pleased to say this came in very good condition! The paint apps of the figures are great and, in my opinion, improved from my other Whittaker/Tennant figures. I was surprised to see 13’s sonic have very little paint compared to the initial 13 release, but from glancing at other images that appears to be standard for this set. If you’re stateside and $60 is in your budget, I would definitely Go! for this… yeah, I made it a pun, so what?

    As a casual U.S. collector who’s eyed this set for awhile, it’s surreal but exciting to have it in hand after a year of thinking I missed my shot. This is a great addition to my small but solid collection – 14 in figure form, and a new 13 that doubles as a love letter to the Doctor’s fashion. Two more solid Doctor figures… check!

  • Andrew

    February 7th, 2024 - 5:32pm

    The Go! retailers has been accommodating to the Who license in the past, I have fond memories of stumbling onto the NotD Eighth Doctor and 12th Flight Control TARDIS on visits I made to one at a mall in my state. Probably done through the old Underground Toys distribution deal, but it could mean they’re now a proactive part of the line’s US distribution now.

  • Pupbenny

    February 7th, 2024 - 12:29pm

    I saw this on ebay last night. Thought it was interesting.

    • Liam

      February 7th, 2024 - 2:57pm

      Sadly, they don’t ship to the UK.

    • booboo

      February 7th, 2024 - 2:59pm

      try this link

    • Liam

      February 7th, 2024 - 3:08pm

      Thanks, booboo, but I just get “Unfortunately, this seller won’t send this item to Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.” when I try.

      Is it working for other UK areas? Do they just not send to Gloucestershire?

    • booboo

      February 7th, 2024 - 3:14pm

      getting the same (i’m is glos as well but doubt that’s anything to so with it)

      i will ask them

    • Liam

      February 7th, 2024 - 6:17pm

      Thanks. I wasn’t suggesting it was the area, more likely they don’t ship to the UK at all or it’s a glitch in their system. If it’s the latter, then wondering if changing my address on eBay might solve it (to “Glos”, for example)?

    • booboo

      February 7th, 2024 - 6:22pm

      Their response didn’t really make sense, i think they just dont ship to the UK even though they say they do, i dont think you can single out Gloucestershire on ebay just think its an auto message because that’s where you are registered

    • Liam

      February 7th, 2024 - 6:27pm

      That was my thinking too.

  • Judooning

    February 7th, 2024 - 12:07pm

    Would this be another run of sets for the US market, or have they got a share of the initial UK lot?

    • booboo

      February 7th, 2024 - 12:20pm

      This set vanished from The CO site assumed sold out but perhaps unsold stock was sent to the USA, who knows.

    • Judooning

      February 7th, 2024 - 12:23pm

      Yeah that was my thinking.
      If I remember rightly, we were In the mid 100’s on amount of sets left before they took the option away to see how many were left when adding to basket. So if this is the unsold stock, it probably won’t be around very long either.

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