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Reeltime Pictures – Myth Makers Page 3

Please note the numbering system on new DVD’s has been changed. Many dual celebrity titles have now been split into single releases.

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Further titles in the mythmakers series are covered within the reeltime section Here

Reeltime Pictures are a UK video production company. The Myth Makers series contains a vast collection of over 70 titles containing interviews with people associated with Doctor Who including the main characters, writers and production crew.

All Titles are still available to buy from

Myth Makers 50: Terry Molloy

“DAVROS…he’s the most physically uncomfortable job I think I’ve ever done. That chariot was made out of 2 by 4 timber, with 2 twelve volt car batteries on the back, mounted on a supermarket trolley!” TERRY MOLLOY has appeared in two of the most iconic programmes in Britain, one on radio and the other on television.

Myth Makers 51: Stuart Fell

STUART FELL was born in Morecambe, Lancashire in 1942. His father served in the RAF and STUART’S childhood was spent in various British bases around Europe.

Myth Makers 52: Graham Williams

This is a truly remarkable interview from the archives- newly discovered and rush-released onto DVD. Graham talks candidly at PanoptiCon VI in 1985 about his tenure as Doctor Who Producer.

Myth Makers 53: Timothy Combe

“From my point of view, and not because I directed him, but I did always feel that JON PERTWEE was the best DOCTOR WHO.” TIMOTHY COMBE joined the BBC in 1963 as an Assistant Floor Manager and steadily moved “up the ranks” to become the last BBC Staff Director in 1970.

Myth Makers 54: Douglas Camfield

“WILLIAM HARTNELL, is in my view, the yardstick by which all other Doctors are judged.” One of the great benefits that filming Doctor Who conventions can bring is, on occasion, an irreplaceable moment in history.

Myth Makers 55: Ian Collier

IAN COLLIER was a professional actor for over 40 years. During his career he appeared in two DOCTOR WHO stories, as OMEGA in ARC OF INFINITY and STUART HYDE in THE TIME MONSTER – for which he holds a great deal of affection as this was his first television job…a fact he “forgot” to tell director PAUL BERNARD at the casting session!

Myth Makers 56: Peter Miles

PETER MILES is best known to DOCTOR WHO fans for his role in the classic GENESIS OF THE DALEKS. His portrayal of NYDER, the cynical, ruthless and devoted aide to DAVROS – creator of the Daleks – won him praise and a fame he hadn’t known before.

Myth Makers 57: The Music and Sound Team

One of the great benefits that filming DOCTOR WHO conventions can bring is, on occasion, an irreplaceable moment in history.

Myth Makers 58: Don Houghton Tribute

Convention footage from PanoptiCon 8 featuring Don Houghton, Bob Baker, Barry Letts and Terrance dicks.

Myth Makers 59: The Directors Vol 2

In an interview from 1986, directors Michael Bryant and Christopher Barry give a unique insight into the challenges and rewards of directing Dr Who.

Myth Makers 60: Cy Town

Cy is best known to Doctor Who fans as one of the close knit group of Dalek operators. In this Myth Makers he reveals many of the trials and tribulations he endured bringing the Daleks to life.

Myth Makers 61: June Hudson

June Hudson trained in theatre design at the royal College of Art. She first worked with the acclaimed Oliver Messel and then joined ATV.

Myth Makers 62: Julian Glover

Julian Glover is one of Britain’s most respected and accomplished stage and screen actors. He has appeared in two DOCTOR WHO stories…as Richard the Lionheart in THE CRUSADE and as Scaroth, the last of the Jaggaroth, in CITY OF DEATH.

Myth Makers 63: Bernard Archard

“PAT (TROUGHTON) was an extremely well known and respected actor before it (DOCTOR WHO) started, so we knew he’d come up with something very worthwhile”.

Myth Makers 64: Robert Sloman

In his first ever Doctor Who interview, (filmed shortly before his death) the writer of many classic Doctor Who stories of the seventies, including Planet Of The Spiders, The Green Death and The Daemons reveals new information about this popular era.

Myth Makers 65: Angus Lennie

Angus Lennie is probably best known for his memorable portrayal of Flying Officer Ives in the feature film THE GREAT ESCAPE….

Myth Makers 66: Flight Through Eternity The Sixties 1

Interviews with actors who appeared in Doctor Who – some of whom have never been interviewed before! This disc comprises Reg Whitehead, Raymond llywellyn, Ralph Watson, Sonia Markham, Beryl Braham

Myth Makers 67: Flight Through Eternity The Sixties 2

Interviews with actors who appeared in Doctor Who – some of whom have never been interviewed before! This disc comprises Martin Cort, Peter Roy, John Greenwood, Christopher Robbie, George Layton, Antony Colby

Myth Makers 68: Flight Through Eternity The Sixties 3

Interviews with actors who appeared in Doctor Who – some of whom have never been interviewed before! This disc comprises Peter Craze, Jane Sherwin, Hubert Rees, Terrence Bayler, Roy Spencer

Myth Makers 69: Stephen Gallagher

Novelist, screenwriter and director. Gallagher’s work includes Doctor Who, Bugs, Chimera and Oktober

Myth Makers 70: Barbara Clegg

Barbara Clegg started out acting in the theatre before moving into film and television with roles in Emergency Ward 10 and The Dream Maker.

Myth Makers 71: Telos Publishing

This profile of Telos Publishing follows their story from the beginning to the present day. It features interviews with writers including Kim Newman and Stephen Gallagher

Myth Makers 72: Gareth Thomas

Gareth talks about his long and varied career in TV, with emphasis on his sci-fi/fantasy work such as Blake’s 7, Children Of The Stones and Knights Of God.

Myth Makers 73: Peter Tuddenham

As the voices of ZEN, ORAC and SLAVE, he brought three computers to life, imbuing them with individual characters that made them come alive.

Myth Makers 74: Flight Through Eternity The Three Doctors Volume 1

Myth Makers 75: Flight Through Eternity The Three Doctors Volume 2

Myth Makers 76: Flight Through Eternity The Three Doctors Volume 3

Myth Makers 77: Flight Through Eternity The Three Doctors Volume 3

FLIGHT THROUGH ETERNITY brings together a group of supporting actors from the early days of Doctor Who for a unique look at television in the sixties and seventies.

Myth Makers 78: Damaris Hayman

From theatre to television DAMARIS has featured in countless well-known productions, including films like THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN and THE BELLES OF ST TRINIANS and on television HOUSE OF ELLIOTT, THE BILL, SEZ LEZ, THE SWEENY, THE LIVERBIRDS, HANCOCK’S, NO HIDING PLACE, STEPTOE & SON and, of course in 1971, the classic DOCTOR WHO story, THE DAEMONS

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