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Reeltime Pictures – Myth Makers Page 2

Please note the numbering system on new DVD’s has been changed. Many dual celebrity titles have now been split into single releases.

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Further titles in the mythmakers series are covered within the reeltime section Here

Reeltime Pictures are a UK video production company. The Myth Makers series contains a vast collection of over 70 titles containing interviews with people associated with Doctor Who including the main characters, writers and production crew.

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Myth Makers 26: Colin Baker

COLIN BAKER is walking his dog, NICHOLAS BRIGGS is shopping, when they are both teleported to a strangely familiar location by a mysterious alien being. Whilst on their adventure, COLIN talks to NICK about his long and varied acting career, including his casting as the sixth DOCTOR WHO.

Myth Makers 27: Elisabeth Sladen

As SARAH-JANE SMITH, an inquisitive and brash young freelance journalist, ELISABETH SLADEN created a character that was both new and real, someone who captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Over three years and eighteen stories she travelled with two DOCTORS and met countless alien monsters before finally deciding to remain on Earth at the conclusion of THE HAND OF FEAR.

Myth Makers 28: Louis Marks

Louis Marks began his career in television writing for Sapphire Films’ THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. This led to a longer stint as script editor and writer on the crime drama NO HIDING PLACE. In 1970 he joined the BBC as a freelance script editor.

Myth Makers 29: Janet Fielding and John Nathan Turner

JANET FIELDING – Tegan Jovanka. This Myth Makers combines an interview from 1985 with Janet’s appearances at conventions.

JOHN NATHAN-TURNER – Producer. JNT was the longest and probably the most well known producer Doctor Who has had.

Myth Makers 30: Katy Manning and Terrance Dicks/Barry Letts Pt 2

KATY MANNING: Jo Grant, companion to the third Doctor.

Producer BARRY LETTS and Script Editor TERRANCE DICKS were the creative force that shaped Jon Pertwee’s era as Dr Who. This is the second part of an interview with this unique partnership that brought the programme some of its highest viewing figures.

Myth Makers 31: Keff McCulloch and Tristram Cary

KEFF McCULLOCH updated the Dr Who theme and scored incidental music for stories in all three Sylvester McCoy seasons. How did he cope with both the pressurised schedule and the criticism he received?

During the 1950s, TRISTRAM CARY was one of the few composers at the cutting edge of electronic music. s

Myth Makers 32: Jan Chappell

Jan Chappell who played Cally in Blakes 7 is interviewed.

Myth Makers 33: Andrew Skilleter

ANDREW SKILLETER’s professional involvement with DOCTOR WHO has spanned some 26 years. He’s probably best known for the many cover illustrations he has painted for Target, Virgin Books and BBC Video.

Myth Makers 34: Jackie Lane

Nicholas Briggs tracks Jackie down to a virtual TARDIS, where he brings out her memories of the pioneering days of television, where an episode of Doctor Who as recorded straight through – almost live. Jackie also tells Nick about her career after leaving the actor profession to found Advoice, an agency for voice-over artists.

Myth Makers 35: Richard Franklin

Richard Frankin’s portrayal of the young and idealistic army officer Mike Yates was an instant success with viewers and eventually led to Mike playing a pivotal role in both Invasion of the Dinosaurs and Planet of the Spiders.

Myth Makers 36: Waris Hussein

Waris Hussein was born in British Colonial India before being brought to England aged nine by his parent. His interest in drama blossomed during his time at University and this led to him joining the BBC as a trainee. As the youngest director at the BBC, Waris was allocated to direct the first Doctor Who story, including the pilot.

Myth Makers 37: John Levene

In 1987, when NICHOLAS BRIGGS first interviewed JOHN LEVENE, it was a hot summer’s day in Richmond Park. JOHN had just begun a career in audio-visual presentation and was looking forward to a new chapter in his life. Eight years later, JOHN had moved to the USA and was living with his partner Jenny.

Myth Makers 38: Caroline John

NICHOLAS BRIGGS takes CAROLINE JOHN on a whirlwind trip back to locations used in DOCTOR WHO…unfortunately she doesn’t recognise any of them! That aside it went well…NICK got to see Southall, Buckinghamshire and Surrey, CAROLINE remembered what it was like filming DOCTOR WHO and everyone got wet.

Myth Makers 39: Nicholas Courtney

The Brigadier.Back in the 1980s two Nicks (Courtney and Briggs) strolled around the locations for the Dr Who story Mawdryn Undead. and chatted about Nick C’s life and career. Now, in a little red car on the shores of Rutland Water (location for BATTLEFIELD), they find not only that it’s too cold to venture outside, but also they are surrounded by sheep.

Myth Makers 40: Sylvester McCoy

During a non-stop trek around the location for the DOCTOR WHO story BATTLEFIELD, SYLVESTER gives us a tour of his life and career.

Myth Makers 41: Wendy Padbury

WENDY PADBURY first appeared in DOCTOR WHO in the late sixties, playing the diminutive cat-suited computer expert ZOE HERRIOT.

Myth Makers 42: The Lloyd and Bryant Teams

Convention panel interviews with Innes Lloyd, Derek Martinus, Victor Pemberton, Morris Barry, Michael Craze and Peter Bryant.

Myth Makers 43: Costume Design Team

Rare convention footage from PanoptiCon 8 in 1988, featuring guest panels with Richard Gregory, June Hudson, Dee Robson and Roland Warne, interviewed by Gary Russell.
Includes bonus interview with new series director Graeme Harper from PanoptiCon 7 in 1986.

Myth Makers 44: Target Books Team

Rare convention footage from the 1980’s revealing the inside story of the Target Book range.

Myth Makers 45: Doctor Who Magazine Team

Rare convention footage from 1989 featuring John Freeman, Tim Quinn, Dicky Howett and Lee Sullivan.

Myth Makers 46: Derek Martinus

A new interview with the Director from the Hartnell and Troughton eras. Director of classics such as Evil Of The Daleks, Tenth Planet, Galaxy 4, The Ice Warriors, Mission To The Unknown and the first Pertwee story; Spearhead From Space.

Myth Makers 47: The Genesis Team

A special Myth Makers looking back at this classic story, with contributions from Peter Miles, Michael Wisher and Roy Skelton. Presented by Andrew Wisher.

Myth Makers 48: Christopher H Bidmead

“I wanted to make the next DOCTOR WHO which was going to be bigger, better, different, and push the boundaries”

CHRISTOPHER HAMILTON BIDMEAD was born in 1941. He trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Myth Makers 49: Dick Mills

“We found to our cost, and the Radiophonic Workshop’s cost, that making it look easy proved to be our downfall.” Experience as a wireless mechanic in The Royal Air Force helped DICK MILLS to get a job at the BBC as a Technical Assistant in 1956, but he soon left to join the newly-formed BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

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