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Reeltime Pictures – Myth Makers Page 1

Please note the numbering system on new DVD’s has been changed. Many dual celebrity titles have now been split into single releases.

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Reeltime Pictures are a UK video production company. The Myth Makers series contains a vast collection of over 70 titles containing interviews with people associated with Doctor Who including the main characters, writers and production crew.

Myth Makers 01: Nicola Bryant and Graeme Harper

Nicola Bryant talks about her time on Dr Who playing companion Peri Brown. Graham Harper talks of his work on Dr Who with Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davison and reveals all about the aborted 30th anniversary special The dark dimension.

Myth Makers 02: William Hartnell Tribute and Jack Pitt

AS the first Doctor, Williams Hartnell created the character that made Doctor Who a success. No other actor made such a lasting contribution to the programme or influenced it so greatly.

Myth Makers 03: Mary Tamm and John Leeson

Mary Tamm looks back at her time playing Romana during the Key To Time season. John Leeson, the voice of K9 talks to Nicholas Briggs on the location of the Yeti drama, Downtime.

Myth Makers 04: Sophie Aldred and Andrew Cartmel

Features an Ace interview with Sophie Aldred and Andrew Cartmel, Script Editor on all the 7th Doctor adventures.

Myth Makers 05: Jacqueline Pearce and Stephen Grief

Best known for her role as Servalan, the “steel queen” of space from Blakes 7, Jacqueline Pearce is so much more! As Travis in Blakes 7, Stephen Greif was Blake’s nemesis and his equal. A man to be reckoned with.

Myth Makers 06: Deborah Watling and Victor Pemberton

Deborah and her father Jack (Professor Travers) talk to Nicholas Briggs on the set of Downtime. Script editor, Producer, writer and novelist Victor talks about his long and varied association with Doctor Who.

Myth Makers 07: Ian Marter and Michael Wisher

Ian Marter is fondly remembered as companion Harry Sullivan. On locations used for Terror Of The Zygons he recalls his time on the series and as a writer only weeks before his untimely death. The late Michael Wisher is best remembered for his role as the original Davros although he worked on Doctor Who in various other roles during the 70’s. Both actors talk to Nicholas Briggs.

Myth Makers 08: Patrick Troughton and Shaun Sutton

This tribute to Patrick features an exclusive interview shot at his only UK convention appearance at PanoptiCon VI. Shaun Sutton has been an actor, producer, director and ultimately head of BBCtv drama for 12 years!

Myth Makers 09: William Russell and Verity Lambert

Two interviews reissued on one disc, Doctor Who’s first ever producer Verity Lambert talks frankly about the early days of the show and William Russell talks about his role as Ian Chesterton.

Myth Makers 10: Mark Strickson and David Banks

Two of the Davison eras major players, talk openly about their time on Doctor Who and their rich and varied careers before and since.

Myth Makers 11: Anneke Wills and Michael Craze

As the companions that witnessed the first ever regeneration and starred with both William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton: the late Michael Craze talks openly about his role as Ben and Anneke Wills discusses her role as Polly.

Myth Makers 12: Jacqueline Hill Tribute and Raymond Cusick

With contributions from her husband and co-stars from Doctor Who this tribute to Jacqueline Hill also features the only known recorded interview with Jacqueline about Doctor Who before her untimely death. Together with a fascinating insight into the creation of Doctor Who by its first designer, Ray Cusick who most famously created the Daleks.

Myth Makers 13: Doctor Who Magazine at Marvel Comics Parts 1 and 2

Since 1979 Marvel Comics have produced a weekly and later Monthly magazine for Doctor Who.

Myth Makers 14: Jon Pertwee and The Directors

The Third Doctor and two of Doctor Who’s favourite Directors from the 3rd Doctor era, Christopher Barry and Paul Bernard talk with Nicholas Briggs about their involvement in Doctor Who.

Myth Makers 15: Louise Jameson and Mat Irvine

Louise talks about her role as Leela and SFX creator Mat Irvine demonstrates some of the remaining props and special effects from his time on Doctor Who from within his workshop.

Myth Makers 16: Peter Purves and Donald Tosh

Peter Purves gives a rare interview about his time as companion, Steven Taylor in the 1st Doctor era and Producer, Donald Tosh gives an insight into the production of Doctor Who during the same period.

Myth Makers 17: John Wiles Team

This special release contains recently discovered rare archive interviews with Donald Tosh, Dennis Spooner, John Wiles, Paul Erikson, Wiliam Emms and Donald Cotton all sadly no no longer with us and providing an insight into this often overlooked period of the Hartnell era.

Myth Makers 18: Yee Jee Tso and Philip Segal

Yee Jee Tso was cast in the role of Chang Lee for the 1996 Dr Who TV Movie which was produced by Philip Segal. Both talk about what it’s like working on Dr Who.

Myth Makers 19: Roger Delgado Tribute & Terrance Dicks/Barry Letts Part 1

Roger Delgado appeared in only eight Dr Who stories but is fondly remembered as creating one of the most exciting characters to grace the series.
Producer Barry Letts and Script Editor Terrance Dicks were the creative force that shaped the Jon Pertwee era.

Myth Makers 20: David Brierley and Bob Baker/Dave Martin

Character actor David Brierley – the second voice of K9 – talks about his time on the show and why he left after only one season.
Bob Baker ad Dave Martin discuss the creation of K9 and how the special “K9 and Company” came about.

Myth Makers 21: Dudley Simpson

In this Myth Makers, recorded at Dudley’s home in Australia, we find out why he moved into music for television and what it was like working on Dr Who for over 20 years

Myth Makers 22: Carole Ann Ford and Barry Newberry

Carole Ann Ford played Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter in the first season of Dr Who. Designer Barry Newbery talks to Nick Briggs about his work on Dr Who spanning 20 years from the first story through to the Awakening.

Myth Makers 23: Frazer Hines and Derrick Sherwin

Frazer Hines is one of the most well-known and popular actors to have appeared on television, best known for his roles as Joe Sugden in EMMERDALE and his three year stint as Jamie in Doctor Who

Derrick Sherwin joined the Doctor Who production office during the latter days of Patrick Trougton’s tenure as the second Doctor.

Myth Makers 24: Sarah Sutton and Peter Grimwade

Sarah Sutton: Combining two interviews with Sarah Sutton; one filmed at Harrison’s Rocks, the main location of Castrovalva; the second recorded in a London studio eight years later and featuring some familiar monsters.

Peter Grimwade started his career at the BBC as production assistant and worked on three Jon Pertwee stories.

Myth Makers 25: Eric Saward

After making a name for himself in radio, Eric Saward was asked by Doctor Who script editor Christopher H Bidmead to submit an idea for the series.

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