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December 26th, 1992 1 comment

Virgin Novels New Adventures Books 1992

by Marc Platt

Extract for the Prologue…

The Doctor dropped a slice of stale bread into a battered electric toaster and pondered what to do next. He paused for a moment. The gentle hum of his TARDIS was disconcertingly soothing.

He had recently noticed a tiny rattle in the time machine’s drive units.

Something had probably worked loose during aeons of travels in the ship and he had already grown used to it. But now that the fault had suddenly stopped, its absence worried him…

Published February 1992

by Andrew Cartmel

Extract for the Prologue…

The bulldozers were big blunt yellow machines, their belted tracks and superstructures spattered with mud. Brodie counted five of them.

They were being carried up the sloping dirt road on a fourteen-wheeled flatbedded truck. Brodie watched from the cover of bushes at the roadside. Both the truck and the bulldozers had cartoon designs of a bee in flight and a human eye painted on their side.

There were words and numbers painted beside the bee-and-eye logo…

Published April 1992

newad7CAT’S CRADLE: Witch Mark
by Andrew Hunt

Extract for the Prologue…

Bathsheba watched motes of dust dancing in the shaft of sunlight and let forth a heavy sigh.

It earned her a stern glare from Siân but that didn’t make the sentiment behind it any less heartfelt.

After fifteen days of solid rain, pounding the earth around the farm into a fury of mud, the sun had emerged from behind the heavy layers of cloud and Bathsheba had, found herself confined to the hay barn along with all the other children…

Published June 1992

By Mark Gatiss

Extract for the Prologue…

All around the cluttered cloisters, musty rooms and high, vaulted halls there was a deep and tangible hush.

The only light in the virtually impenetrable gloom was of a peculiarly pellucid green, spilling out feebly from every heavy wooden door and misaligned stone.

Everywhere, there was a terrible sense of stagnancy, imbuing the whole place with a fetid, neglected atmosphere as though some great cathedral had been flooded by a brackish lagoon.

Published August 1992


Extract for the Prologue…

Two birds circled each other in the sky above the Lincolnshire marshes. They were owls in love, as much as owls could love.

They were two predators, spinning past each other through the night. Their thoughts were animal concerns of nest and prey, and the moon shone bright on their outstretched wings. Owls in love notice little, but they know more than humans might think they do.

Under the full moon, in the wind that breathed over the midnight marshland, they heard a noise.

Published October 1992

by Ben Aaronovitch

Extract for the Prologue…

The Doctor stood alone on a Devonian beach and tried to persuade the lungfish to return to the sea.

‘You won’t like it,’ said the Doctor.

He noticed that the fish’s fins had become short stubby legs. It had become an Ichthyostega, the first true amphibian.

The Doctor checked his watch. About two million years early at that. ‘You’re making a big mistake,’ said the Doctor. The amphibian ignored him, its flat head fixed on the line of cool vegetation ahead.

Published December 1992

Other places of inertest…

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  • Sontar 7

    May 29th, 2010 - 1:55pm

    It’s weird how apart from Andrew Hunt they’re all TV writers.


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