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February 20th, 2019 6 comments

Lethbridge-Stewart The HAVOC Files 2 Special Edition

Available to order from

Candy Jar Books is proud to announce a special edition of The HAVOC Files 2 is being released at the start of March.

Originally published in 2016 as a limited print-run, The HAVOC Files 2: Special Edition is a reprint with a difference, containing as it does new editions of previous stories, and two short stories available for the first time in print.

Head of Publishing Shaun Russell explains:
“We have often been asked by those who missed The HAVOC Files 2 the first time around if we’d ever reprint it. After much discussion, we decided doing so would present us with a couple of challenges and opportunities. One, at least one story in the original collection was set in the ‘future’ (Ashes of the Inferno), with information that, at the time, hadn’t been locked down. The author of the story in question, Andy Frankham-Allen, realised it would be the perfect chance to update that story so it better fit the narrative revealed since early 2016. Two, another story has since been released as part of a full-length novella, and thus it seemed redundant to print it again in this format. So, faced with this, I made the decision to instead replace it with a couple of short stories only previously available in digital format.”

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen continues: “We have a few digital-only stories, plus some still unreleased short stories, so we had a fair few to pick from. We decided on James Middleditch’s Piece of Mind, and Chris Thomas’ Vampires of the Night (both originally planned for the cancelled HAVOC Files 5), two vastly different stories, one dealing with Professor Edward Travers, and one dealing with the Brigadier and Sally Wright. Coupled with the chance to fix previous errors that crept into the other stories, The HAVOC Files 2 is quite a different experience now. Still contains everything in the original, but with bonus material for those wishing to double-dip, and loads of fresh material for those who missed the original version. All wrapped up in the wonderful new cover design, with, once again, Adrian Salmon’s brilliant artwork!”

Ghosts in Cornwall, zombies in Australia, aliens at Wembley, trouble in Egypt, a siege on the Kent coast, and an investigation into the strange goings on in a small house in Mevagissey, which sees Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers cut down to size. And, much later, the ashes from a destroyed Earth fall on Lethbridge-Stewart and his family.

Just a few things our heroes have to face in this volume of collected short stories.

This new revised version of The HAVOC Files 2 contains the original six short stories, plus a new version of Ashes of the Inferno, and two new stories exclusively published in print for the first time.

‘Piece of Mind’ by James Middleditch. Lethbridge-Stewart and Sally are sent on a retreat with a difference.

‘Vampires of the Night’ by Chris Thomas. World War II and Professor Travers is called in to help with a deadly experiment on British soldiers.


  • Vampires of the Night by Chris Thomas
  • ‘In His Kiss’ by Sue Hampton
  • ‘House of Giants’ by Rick Cross
  • ‘The Black Eggs of Khufu’ by Tom Dexter
  • ‘The Band of Evil’ by Roger J Simmonds & Shaun Russell (updated version of the story)
  • ‘Piece of Mind’ by James Middleditch
  • ‘The Playing Dead’ by Adrian Sherlock (updated version of the story)
  • ‘Ashes of the Inferno’ by Andy Frankham-Allen (new version of the story)
  • ‘The Lock-In’ by Sarah Groenewegen BEM
  • ‘Schädengeist’s Lot’ by Jonathan Cooper (interludes from ‘The Showstoppers’)
  • ‘Exodus from Venus’ by John Peel (original prologue from ‘The Grandfather Infestation’)

Candy Jar is also releasing updated versions of Mutually Assured Domination by Nick Walters and The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen. Both books have around 3000 words of bonus material. These books can be pre-ordered from


The HAVCOC Files 2: Special Edition is available for pre-order now for £15.00 (+ p&p). The book is due for release at the beginning of March.

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  • The Flying Shark

    February 20th, 2019 - 6:17pm

    This press release makes these books sound really unprofessional. To admit there were errors in the first edition is bad enough, but to then say that one of the stories doesn’t fit into the canon of the other books? Makes it sound like they’re making it up as they go along, which I suppose they are, but it still seems like a lack of effort or thought.

    • Anonymous

      February 20th, 2019 - 7:14pm

      They were very professional books. Very good quality with very few typos. I think most of the differences arose due to changes in the order of books, the fact that some books fell through and were never released and the amount of authors involved. They were very good but it’s the same situation that I found with big finish. If these books and big finish had just stuck to a single main line of stories instead of producing so many extras I would have happily continued with them. Big finish are a great example with huge amounts of related sidelines. And it doesn’t matter how professional they are there are just too many stories.

    • The Flying Shark

      February 21st, 2019 - 8:51am

      I agree, both Lethbridge-Stewart and Big Finish got over excited about the amount of stories they could make rather than the amount they should. I have no problem with lots of extras like the novellas in this range or BF’s special box sets like Jenny or Lady Christina, but the problem comes with pacing. They’d feel more unique and special if they were spread out over, say, a special story every couple of months rather than what I swear is now five box sets a month.

  • Chris Howarth

    February 20th, 2019 - 3:03pm

    I think this is when I bid farewell to the range too. Having already bought this the first time round I don’t fancy paying fifteen quid for a couple of new stories. Since I’m an all or nothing kind of collector, I doubt I’ll subscribe again.

    • Anonymous

      February 20th, 2019 - 7:15pm

      It will be £18 with the postage

  • Anonymous

    February 20th, 2019 - 12:04pm

    In a way this is the reason I stopped getting the lethbridge-stewart books. Not I hasten to add because they weren’t good, they were generally very enjoyable but because of all the non-subscriber releases. I subscribed to each series only to then have to buy over 14 other books not in the main range. (The havoc files, the novellas, quiz book which included an exclusive short story and then several other short story collections.) The big problem with that was that each of these extra books required a £3 postage payment. As a subscriber I was paying £45 per year but add the cost of the extra books which on average cost between £10.99 and £14.99 after postage and the costs just became to much. A shame as they were good. That all said if you can afford this it will be very good quality and is worth reading. I just can’t afford them anymore!


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