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April 18th, 2024 12 comments

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Doctor Who Ruby Red 15th Doctor Novel Hardcover

Available to order from,, and

The Audio CD is available to order from

BBC Books is pleased to announce that three new Doctor Who novels will be published this year, featuring Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor. Each book is an original, stand-alone adventure and will be published simultaneously in hardback and audiobook.

Ruby Red by Georgia Cook – April, 1242: the Doctor and Ruby answer a distress call sent from medieval Russia. The signal’s sender? Ranavere, an alien girl forced to take part in a barbaric conflict between the armies of Estonia and Novgorod on the frozen surface of Lake Peipus. Ranavere wants to escape, but her distress call has summoned her warmongering sisters, intent on preserving family tradition whatever the cost. And as human battle begins, the Doctor and Ruby must face a more devastating threat – a monstrous entity with plans of conquest, growing stronger beneath the icy lake…

Georgia Cook is an illustrator and writer from London. She has written for several sets in the Big Finish Doctor Who Audio range, including The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles, Gallifrey: War Room, and the Interludes. She has also contributed short stories to publications such as Baffling Magazine and Flame Tree Press, and is a frequent contributor to various horror anthology podcasts as a writer and voice over artist.

We’re pleased to reveal that the audiobook edition of Doctor Who: Ruby Red will be narrated by Millie Gibson, who plays companion Ruby Sunday in the TV series. Review copies will be available from May.

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  • Bookcollector

    April 19th, 2024 - 1:21pm

    So I’ve made the decision not to buy these. After collecting who books for 48 odd years I find myself not wanting new fiction now. Nothing against ncuti or the new series but if I’m honest I find a lot of the new series books a little underwhelming and have since 2005. Oh, there have been good ones but I don’t know, maybe I find them too child friendly at times. Mind you, the virgin and BBC books could be a little too self important at times. A major factor is of course money. These are expensive and I would prefer to concentrate my limited budget on the who merchandise I still want. So for me that is the target books, the doctor who magazine graphic novels and the DVDs. I hope people enjoy these books and it will be hard not to have these but I need to cut down and concentrate on what I do enjoy now.

  • Moodbeam

    April 18th, 2024 - 4:20pm

    YES YES YES!!!

    I have missed this annual trio since Jodie’s first year. With just 8 episode to the series any new adventure is more than welcome!

  • Matt

    March 9th, 2024 - 8:26pm

    Are the annual novel trilogies coming back!?

    • Bookcollector

      March 9th, 2024 - 9:08pm

      Possibly but not being released at the same time. Not sure if I want them. I’ll have to wait and see if any appeal as I’m really quite off the original fiction now. The only ones I really want now are target books.

    • The Unlicensed Physician

      March 10th, 2024 - 3:07pm

      Bookcollector: Maybe try some non-Who science fiction instead. The Science Fiction Masterworks range is a good place to start, both in range and special offers available.

    • Bookcollector

      March 10th, 2024 - 4:06pm

      Oh I read far more fiction than who. I’m just finding I’m not hugely interested in who original fiction now. My current collection stands at around six thousand books of which who is probably less than one thousand. The last few years I’ve struggled with the original fiction so this year I’ve reluctantly decided to cut right back.

    • Bobby Davros

      March 10th, 2024 - 6:31pm

      Are there anywhere near a thousand Who books in existence anyway? Someone do a head count and put mr out of my misery.

    • Jason Z

      March 10th, 2024 - 7:22pm

      Bookcollector didn’t say (less than) 1000 different books. Maybe he collects all the different Target covers?

    • Bookcollector

      March 10th, 2024 - 7:45pm

      I don’t collect multiple covers but there must be close to a thousand who books. You have the target collection which is now around 180, the virgin books which are around 150, the BBC books which include the past doctor range, the eighth doctor range and then add the new who original books which come in around 320, then add in factual books from the last 30 years, various graphic novels from panini, idw and titan, and add in annuals, charity books, Sarah Jane adventures, lethbridge-stewart, erimem and telos books. And I’m only talking physical books, I don’t collect any audio books or ebooks. I’d say there are pretty much a thousand who books in my collection. I’ve not counted the who books individually but my collection currently stands at 8127. Thanks to Terrance dicks and those target books I’ve been collecting books for 45 years now. Oh, and over that time I’ve had many books I’ve passed on. The 8127 is my current shelved collection.

    • Bookcollector

      March 10th, 2024 - 8:38pm

      Just noticed it said 6000 in my original post! Meant to type 8000. The other thing is although I collect books I only collect what I want to read. So there are who books I don’t have (any factual book since 2016 when I stopped buying who factual books) for instance. I don’t “have” to have everything but it will feel odd not to buy them if I decide not too.

  • Ian Cotterill

    March 9th, 2024 - 5:43pm

    Any clue yet as to what these mystery hardcovers are?

    • Adam

      March 9th, 2024 - 6:41pm

      Can we assume Ncuti novels?
      Looks to me like a return of the yearly novel trilogies since 2018.

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