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November 23rd, 2021 67 comments

Doctor Who The Abominable Snowmen DVD

Available to order from, and other selected retailers.

The Abominable Snowmen will be released in 2022 on DVD, Blu-ray and as an exclusive Steelbook this year, filling another gap in missing Doctor Who episodes.

Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen is a six-part story based on audio recordings of the original episodes. Most of the six-part adventure story was lost soon after the programme’s original transmission in 1967 and only the audio recordings of the episodes survived. in missing Doctor Who episodes.

In the 17th century, an old Tibetan friend of the Doctor’s reached out and touched the mind of an alien disembodied energy, giving it a conduit to Earth. 300 years later, the Doctor returns to the Himalayas to return the Holy Ganta, an ancient relic he was given many centuries ago by the grateful monks at Det-Sen Monastery.

On arriving however, the Doctor is treated as a villain – blamed for a series of brutal murders in the area. Jamie and Victoria meanwhile discover the true culprits – the previously peaceful Yeti that live in seclusion on the mountainside have apparently turned violent.

The Doctor must convince the monks that not only is he not their enemy, but the real foe – and the power controlling the Yeti – is living amongst them. Their ancient Master, Padmasambhava, is being controlled by an alien entity known only as the Great Intelligence.

Written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln.
Directed by Chloe Grech and Gary Russell (2022 Production).
Directed by Gerald Blake (1967 Production).
Executive Producers for Big Finish Creative Jason Haigh-Ellery, Mark B. Oliver and Gary Russell (2022 Production).
Executive Producer for BBC Studios Russell Minton (2022 Production).
Produced by Innes Lloyd (1967 Production).

Starring Patrick Troughton, Deborah Watling, Frazer Hines, Wolfe Morris, Norman Jones and Jack Watling.

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  • Jack

    February 1st, 2022 - 3:28pm

    A bit off topic but has anyone heard any update regarding the supposed cancellation of the future animations?

    I read about it online a few weeks back and apparently it came from the Daily Mirror whose articles I always take with a pinch of salt. Especially as they claim it came from an “unnamed source.”

    • Gordon

      February 1st, 2022 - 4:53pm

      I doubt we will get any official confirmation that it’s the last one. We just won’t get anymore. Considering Nicola Methven who reported on it has been pretty much spot on with the animation announcements (she reported the animations for power, macra, faceless, evil, g4 and abominable first) it could very well be the case.

  • Zepp104

    January 29th, 2022 - 4:23pm

    Kind of disappointed it appears North America isn’t getting this and Galacy 4 on DVD, just bluray.

    • Rockyweird

      March 17th, 2022 - 2:39am

      I’m wondering why that is. Is it because of low sales from the DVD versions or does BBC think it’s all Blu-Ray here in North America?

  • simonhanlon77

    January 17th, 2022 - 7:22pm

    looking forward too this release….although this is the last of them for awhile! just read that the other planned releases have been cancelled dew too bbc america pulling out,and now looking for another sauce off funding. the animation looks the same style as used for ‘fury from the deep’. i’m guessing the release will contain the original b&w ep plus the option too watch in b&w.

  • The 14th doctor

    January 7th, 2022 - 10:10am

    Any more news on this? Cover art, release date exetra

    • Gordon

      January 7th, 2022 - 10:48am

      More info will be announced when it’s pretty much ready to go. There is a 30th of may release date on zavvi but that could be just a placeholder

    • Pete X

      January 8th, 2022 - 10:11am

      Received an update email from HMV: Release date 30th May 2022.

    • Pete X

      January 11th, 2022 - 12:56pm

      Had a further update from HMV, release date is now TBC (advised by manufacturers, as was the 30/05 release date).

  • David Minter

    December 2nd, 2021 - 10:31pm

    Sorry to take this a bit off topic, but it is slightly related. When The Abominable Snowmen animation is released, how many stories with missing episodes will be left to animate? I know there’s Mission To The Unknown, The Daleks’ Master Plan, and The Wheel In Space still left to go, but, beyond those, I’m uncertain of what’s left.

    And from what the BBC says, Mission and Master Plan will probably never be animated. Mission is pretty much joined at the hip with Master Plan, and Master Plan would require 12 episodes to animate on its own. Even though I think there’s a market for it and just save up production budgets for a year or 2 to do it, Master Plan seems destined to never be animated. Although I don’t see why BBC doesn’t attempt crowdfunding for it. I’d think it could easily achieve production if it were.


    • Auton

      December 3rd, 2021 - 9:12am

      Marco Polo, the crusade, mission to the unknown, the myth makers, the dalek’s masterplan, the massacre, the celestial toymaker, the savages, the smugglers, the highlanders, the underwater menace, the wheel in space and the space pirates are all left to animate

    • Gordon

      December 3rd, 2021 - 11:22am

      Masterplan is at least a 2 year job at the bear minimum. Evil alone took 18 months and had 15 characters 16 costumes and 13 sets. Masterplan has 48 credited characters 52 costumes and over 30 sets. because of how money is allocated they have to spend that money each year. They can’t just save it for a couple of years. As for crowdfunding. It’s a strict no no as it would break bbc charter rules.

    • Prof Horner

      December 3rd, 2021 - 12:21pm

      Well that’s interesting Gordon ,if it took 18 months do. Will that rule out seeing The Wheel in Space next year. Or maybe we will get a four parter next year instead? Just over two weeks to go till we will get season 17 .

    • Gordon

      December 3rd, 2021 - 2:49pm

      It’s 1 less episode plus the locations in wheel are a lot more basic than evil. I think it could be done by the end of next year if they are working on it

    • David Minter

      December 3rd, 2021 - 3:23pm

      I forgot about The Celestial Toymaker! Funny, as that’s one of my favorite incomplete stories. 🙂

      Is it because the BBC is government funded that it can’t accept crowdfunding? You’ll have to forgive me. I’m an American Doctor Who fan 🙂 so the intricacies of its broadcasting in its home country are beyond my scope of knowledge.


    • Somewhere… the tea is getting cold

      December 9th, 2021 - 9:22pm

      I think celestial Toymaker & underwater menace are the next safe bets to be honest

    • Coleman

      January 24th, 2022 - 9:53pm

      David, when you go on this Merchandise site, first click on “Lists” then onto “DVD Lists”.
      I’ve been using this page for years, it’s very useful.
      Theirs Thumbnail pictures of all the Classic Dr Who Covers apart from those that have yet to be Animated.

  • bob hellier

    November 29th, 2021 - 1:33pm

    i wonder which william hartnell and or patrick troughton episodes will be animated next hopefully all missing episodes will available soon as animations

  • Sausage

    November 26th, 2021 - 2:59pm

    Gordon: Any idea on what else is coming for 2022? Look’s like I’ll have to re-arrange my shelves again..

    • Auton

      November 26th, 2021 - 3:49pm

      I’m not Gordon but the savages, the underwater menace and the wheel in space or mission to the unknown are my bets for what’s next after the abominable snowmen. It is Just a guess due to no rumours about what’s next as far as I know but these four seem more likely and easier to animate

    • Rory

      November 26th, 2021 - 5:00pm

      Auton, I’d put UWM as next 3d animation. Another story with a few missing episodes, so they can can keep working on the process.

      Wheel seems like an obvious choice as they’ve already done some of the character designs for the 10 minute recon. Also, it completes a 60s season, which they have been working towards form a while.

      Savages would be a good call for the next Hartnell. It’s pretty small scale so not a lot to develop, and they can work on the designs for Hartnell and Purves.

    • Book collector

      November 26th, 2021 - 5:45pm

      My guess for the rest of this year would be underwater in the 3d style to continue the development process, this is likely to be the extra release rather than a full release so just the two episodes done and I think we will get another hartnell most probably savages although toymaker would be option.

    • Gordon

      November 27th, 2021 - 6:06pm

      This is all speculation on my mind so I might be completely wrong. Originally I had in my head bbc studios doing abominable and big finish creative doing savages and shapeshifter doing underwater menace however that obviously isn’t happening as big finish creative are doing abominable. I do think this opens the possibility that bbc studios are doing wheel in space instead.

      Going by recent interviews that both Anne-Marie Walsh and Gary Russell have said about the soundtracks quality for cinema screenings being one of the main criterias on the recent run of releases it only leaves a couple of choices for the next couple of releases (masterplan (it’s large cast and sets might push it to the back of the que) savages,the smugglers (I think) underwater menace and wheel). That doesn’t mean the likes of myth makers, massacre, toymaker and the highlanders. Mark ayres was quoted as those would be trickier to do but never say never on those titles on a recent doctor who magazine article.

      On a side note I was at doctor who time fracture today and absolutely loved it. If you are in the London area for whatever reason it’s worth going.

    • Colrman

      November 28th, 2021 - 12:47pm

      Who started animating Wheel, because it would make sense for them to finish it off when the time is right?

    • Auton

      November 28th, 2021 - 2:38pm

      BBC studios did wheel, I wonder if those recent Randolf tapes mean that the massacre and highlanders soundtracks are better now than before

    • Book collector

      November 28th, 2021 - 2:49pm

      The wheel animation was done to be shown at the bfi if I remember correctly. It was never intended to be finished so it doesn’t particularly matter which team does it as I image they will start from scratch anyway

    • Prowl 1701

      November 28th, 2021 - 4:41pm

      Does The Space Pirates have good audio? I know it’s reputation isn’t good, but I’m curious what the audio quality is as it’s the only story we need to complete season 6 for the collection set.

    • the ergon

      November 28th, 2021 - 6:07pm

      The Space Pirates audio is of good quality unlike The Massacre of St.Bartholemews eve Which is of warped and poor quality towards the end of the story.

    • Gordon

      November 28th, 2021 - 6:36pm

      I do suspect if bbc studios do wheel in space they probably will start it from scratch as the minisode was done by an extremely small team on a pretty small timeframe and budget. Mark ayres didn’t point space pirates out as 1 of the harder audio to do but I have heard mixed things. Some have said it’s good but some has said it’s bad. It’s worth noting that it’s the same audio source as invasion 1 and 4

    • Book collector

      November 29th, 2021 - 12:35am

      Space pirates is not a great story but the troughton, Hines, padbury combo make their scenes fun. The audio is decent enough. It’s probably one the weakest of troughton’s stories but I’d love it to be animated anyway

  • Dalek Eye Stalk

    November 24th, 2021 - 5:57pm

    Clearly the same team that did ‘Fury from the Deep’. Which I think it’s fair to say had a mixed reaction. For me personally the style of animation has grown on me, so I’m really looking forward to seeing ‘The Abominable Snowmen’.

    • the ergon

      November 24th, 2021 - 6:43pm

      The only problem i,ve had with any of these animations was The Web of Fear animation which was terrible to say the least. Hope they correct this for The inevitable season 5 collection release.

    • Coleman

      November 26th, 2021 - 11:26am

      As you say had a mixed reaction, but nowhere near as bad a reaction as the Web of Fear single episode had.

    • Rory

      November 26th, 2021 - 5:05pm

      I thought the Web episode looked fantastic for what it was.

      There were a fair few moments where it suffered from the video game issue of people constantly moving for no reason, but when you look past that it is effective and works well.

      This was a first effort. I’m keen to see what they can do as they learn.

    • Book collector

      November 26th, 2021 - 5:49pm

      I agree rory. For a first effort it’s fine. I wasn’t keen on a first watch but on subsequent watches it does what it needs to do and tells the story. I’d like underwater done in this style to continue the improvements of the process. 3d is the only practical way to get certain stories and if that’s the case then I’m fine with it.

    • Somewhere… the tea is getting cold

      December 9th, 2021 - 9:26pm

      The way they made Victoria in the episode 3 animation was traumatising.

  • Coleman

    November 24th, 2021 - 11:27am

    I wonder where all the snows come from? The animators can t have seen any of the original clips.

    • The ergon

      November 24th, 2021 - 11:43am

      Enhancement again coleman. Although as been mentioned before north wales could easily stand in for the himalayas.

    • Whorules

      November 24th, 2021 - 6:15pm

      I was hoping for full on Himalayan snows like in the uncle Terrance target book. The animation looks great so I’m happy

    • Coleman

      November 25th, 2021 - 11:04am

      (True story). ergon, it’s funny you should mention North Wales standing in for the Himalayas.
      Was in the local barbers last week and I was listening to the guy in the next chair from me.
      He was complaining to the barber that he’d just come back from two weeks working in Wales and it had rained every single day (and of course was freezing). He said he was glad to get back home.
      Apparently he’d been their many times due to work and everytime it had rained.
      Never been myself so I can’t comment.

    • Auton

      November 25th, 2021 - 11:08am

      I been to wales a few times and most of the time it never rained so Wales isn’t as bad as everyone makes out it to be

    • Coleman

      November 25th, 2021 - 11:24am

      Never been my self Auton so I can’t comment. But was a true story of what happened just last week. That was the Censored version of what was said, the bloke looked truly fed up. I gather he’d just come back that morning and was having an haircut to cheer himself up. Lol.

    • the ergon

      November 26th, 2021 - 11:35am

      The snowy scenes might seem a tad incongruous to the existing episode. That is depending how far Detsen Monastery is from the TARDIS, the snow must have melted.

  • Anonymous

    November 24th, 2021 - 9:08am

    There are some off-air photos that actually show he’s dressed as a clown

  • Hi

    November 24th, 2021 - 9:00am

    I think these will be the release order for future animations
    2022-The Abominable Snowmen, The Underwater Menace Special Edition, The Savages
    2023-Marco Polo, The Smugglers, The Highlanders, The Wheel In Space
    2024-The Crusade, The Celestial Toymaker, Space Pirates
    2025-Mission To The Unknown, The Myth Makers, The Massacre
    2026-The Daleks Master Plan

    • Themaster

      November 24th, 2021 - 7:06pm

      Mission to the unknown will be put with Masterplan Will it not if they do it as it’s only one episode otherwise,

  • Prof Horner

    November 23rd, 2021 - 7:15pm

    Given we have trailer of this story with images , I hope it won’t be long before it is released.

  • Whorules

    November 23rd, 2021 - 5:12pm

    looking forward to this one as I think it will benefit immensely from being able to watch it. I like the audio but as the yeti don’t roar their presence in the audio is somewhat underwhelming! And just think… this means we can watch all of Victoria’s stories now. I hope we get underwater (special edition with two animated episodes) and a hartnell. My personal choice would be myth makers but I think it’s more likely to be the savages. Although I’ll be happy with anything

    • Lee D

      November 23rd, 2021 - 6:33pm

      Would love the Myth Makers next but any Hartnell would be lovely.

  • Anon

    November 23rd, 2021 - 5:07pm

    Highly doubtful it will ever be done but when the missing episodes have all been animated I would love to see The Pescatons LP animated.

    • Acefan2005

      November 23rd, 2021 - 8:59pm

      Omg yesssss! And Slipback, Paradise of death & ghosts of n-space (bc the 3rd doc ones are expensive as hell)

  • Chris ALDRIDGE

    November 23rd, 2021 - 4:13pm

    I usually wait but have pre ordered this already. Zavvi has the release date as 31st December 2021 but Amazon has 31st December 2030…bit of a wait there. I’d love to see more Hartnell animations but I really want to see the Wheel in Space animated next.

    • booboo

      November 23rd, 2021 - 4:44pm

      there is no firm release dates, they are just defaults, they have to put something

    • Chris Aldridge

      December 14th, 2021 - 5:12pm

      I see Zavvi has now changed the release date to 30th May. Makes us wonder which will be released before the end of the year.

  • Lewisfrisby

    November 23rd, 2021 - 4:08pm

    It says on Amazon that the dvd is 19.99 why is it that much usually its 14.99

    • booboo

      November 23rd, 2021 - 4:46pm

      Amazon generally start with RRP then reduce overtime, you always pay the lowest price and this will end up at £14.99 before its released. Amazon have worked liked this for years now on many items

    • Rob W

      November 24th, 2021 - 5:30pm

      Zavvi have £14 99 so no doubt Amazon will match this.

  • The ergon

    November 23rd, 2021 - 3:57pm

    I was actually expecting this today. The animation looks reliably good in this form. Ordering soon.

  • Sausage

    November 23rd, 2021 - 3:37pm

    Glad it’s now been confirmed by the BBC for 2022. I’ve added it to my wish list.

  • Mac

    November 23rd, 2021 - 3:33pm

    I know a lot of effort goes into the animations…but I love seeing how the remastered surviving footage looks with today’s technology.

  • Callum

    November 23rd, 2021 - 3:32pm

    So looking forward to this. Same animation style as fury of the deep. Bring on more 2nd please.

    • Mac

      November 23rd, 2021 - 3:35pm

      Only four to go now.

    • The ergon

      November 23rd, 2021 - 4:01pm

      I want more hartnell.

    • Whorules

      November 23rd, 2021 - 4:38pm

      I’m just happy with anything… I expect there will be a hartnell next year as well

    • Callum

      November 23rd, 2021 - 5:44pm

      I think now as theres only 4 of Troughtons they will start rolling out hartnells but that all depends on the sales of galexy 4. But would love to have all of the 2nd doctor by the 60th.

    • the ergon

      November 23rd, 2021 - 7:22pm

      Its not a firm fan favourite but i really like The Wheel in space, so i m wanting that as the next troughton.It would be interesting to see how they do The feast of steven with no telesnaps when they finally get around to Masterplan and how they animate Bing Crosby. I always envisaged him in some sort of clown or Vauderville outfit. The Doctor obviously didn,t recognise who he was.

    • David Minter

      December 6th, 2021 - 3:10pm

      The BBC appears to be pretty firm that The Daleks’ Master Plan will probably never be animated. Which is a shame. I’d buy it, even though it would probably be like 5 to 6 discs if you include the color version along with the black and white.

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