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April 1st, 2014 17 comments

Doctor Who T-Shirts: 100% Rebel Time Lord

Doctor Who T-Shirts: 100% Rebel Time Lord

This cool vector image of the 12th Doctor and his simple, yet stylish costume features the phrase that sums up the new incarnation of the Time Lord – “No frills, no scarf, no messing”

Available to order from


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  • mick

    June 3rd, 2014 - 6:31pm

    release date been put back surprise surprise!!

  • The Holographic Doctor

    April 3rd, 2014 - 8:18pm

    Definitely getting some of these. I need some Doctor Who t-shirts 🙂

  • the astronaut of death

    April 3rd, 2014 - 3:46pm

    i realy like these

  • drwhocollector

    April 2nd, 2014 - 8:53pm

    these look excellent, best who t – shirts in a while

  • Bungle The Brave

    April 2nd, 2014 - 12:42pm

    The’Rebel’ part is actually a quote from Capaldi himself, to describe the 12th Doctor’s look:

    Capaldi said of the look: “He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past.

    “Simple, stark and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.”

  • VespiformsSting

    April 1st, 2014 - 9:13pm

    Wonder why no one’s ever thought of a range of t-shirts with a variety of different cybermen chest units…. I’m not a t-shirt wearer my self but it sounds a logical idea….

    • Barry Scott

      April 3rd, 2014 - 5:24pm

      He he… logical.

  • Trenzalore

    April 1st, 2014 - 4:08pm

    ‘Rebel time lord’ good grief… Well although it’s not for me and honestly not for Capaldi (‘rebel’ just sounds too modern) at least they’re trying, I’m sure some people will like it…

    • Trenzalore

      April 1st, 2014 - 4:10pm

      The other shirts are all great though.

    • Jordie

      April 1st, 2014 - 8:29pm

      I agree.
      The “rebel” part make the doctor sound like a gangster

    • The Silent Silent

      April 1st, 2014 - 8:54pm

      Rebel refers to the term “Bad Man you rebel” which I dont think is very suitable unless Capaldi is going to be hanging with the kids and wearing a hoody and wearing nike air forces. This is the doctor

    • VespiformsSting

      April 1st, 2014 - 9:11pm

      The thing is Capaldi’s Doctor looks like a ‘gangster’ I said so at the time….

  • NCC1701D

    April 1st, 2014 - 12:28pm

    No Eccleston on the new series Doctors t-shirt, awkward.

    • Anonymous

      April 1st, 2014 - 12:31pm

      Why should they have to include them? They are all Doctors and they’ve just gone for the three most recent ones. Otherwise you’d need to include Peter Davison, Paul McGann, John Hurt and possibly Tom Baker’s “Curator” as well.

    • StetsonDoctor

      April 1st, 2014 - 12:52pm

      Eccleston has nothing round his collar, the point is that Tennant and Smith both did, and Capaldi has nothing. To have Eccleston on there would defeat the point of the T-Shirt. However, it does look a bit odd…

    • NCC1701D

      April 1st, 2014 - 1:20pm

      Good point Stetson Doctor, I hadn’t thought of it like that.

    • Handbot10

      April 1st, 2014 - 4:00pm

      What do you mean by the three most recent? Surely the curator is more recent than Peter Capaldi? Or is he? woooooooo? mysterious…

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