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September 2nd, 2019 16 comments

Doctor Who T-Shirt “Tour Dates!

Available to order from

Vworp vworp! It’s the TARDIS experience… on tour!

Celebrating multiple faces across multiple dates, taking the cosmos by storm. Now at a time and dimension near you!

This fun Doctor Who t-shirt is inspired by classic band t-shirts of yester-year.

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  • Bobby Davros

    September 3rd, 2019 - 5:44pm

    Personally I would have had the date of the TV movie for Sylvester’s leaving date.

    • The Flying Shark

      September 3rd, 2019 - 6:55pm

      Same for me, controversially perhaps, I class Dimensions in Time as canon too so it’s a bit annoying to see that ignored as well. It also ignores the many New Adventures novels which I see as every bit as important as the audios and DWM comic for continuing the McCoy era.

  • allofwho

    September 3rd, 2019 - 8:21am

    These new Forbidden Planet designs are nice, but they look like they’ve been made very cheaply. This one seems to make use of the logo PNGs available publicly on the Throup website, while the ‘Team TARDIS’ shirt seems to have used that online Thirteenth Doctor logo generator that was floating around a while ago.

    • Anonymous

      September 7th, 2019 - 11:14pm

      It wouldn’t surprise. The quality of a lot of the BBC’s in-house merchandise seems very low indeed.

    • The Flying Shark

      September 8th, 2019 - 7:17am

      I agree, I think its time for some Who clothing that was actually designed, not just a design slapped on a cheap black t shirt, especially considering the rather high prices. Compare the feel of this to the Selfridges range or any other t shirt available in a high street store and you can feel the difference.

  • David Holden

    September 2nd, 2019 - 7:38pm

    Gorgeous design on the back

    Shame they have the date for Hurt’s Doctor wrong

    • Jonah Waters

      September 2nd, 2019 - 10:51pm

      18th of May 2013. The release date of The name of the doctor. It should really have 23 of November for his actual episode but his first appearance was on that date.

    • Crosby

      September 3rd, 2019 - 3:29am

      Your right never realised

  • The Flying Shark

    September 2nd, 2019 - 6:51pm

    I cant help but wonder whether having “the first 56 years” on was such a good idea, as it’s going to date badly in four months time. Obviously it would be dated when we get our Fourteenth Doctor, but it would be nice to have a bit more of a shelf life in it.

    • BigBangTwo

      September 3rd, 2019 - 12:19pm

      I think it helps tbh, it’s the t-shirt acknowledging that it represents Doctor Who up to a certain point, as opposed to trying to be a definitive representation of the entirety of Doctor Who.

  • Daz

    September 2nd, 2019 - 6:41pm

    Greatest show in the Galaxy! might say.

  • Bundy

    September 2nd, 2019 - 5:39pm

    I must have imagined the 50th anniversary shows…….

  • Jason Z

    September 2nd, 2019 - 5:13pm

    Surely the McGann & Hurt logos are the wrong way round?

    • darby

      September 2nd, 2019 - 5:38pm

      No, that’s McGann’s original Big Finish logo.

  • Adam

    September 2nd, 2019 - 5:00pm

    This would be so much better without the logos on the back

  • Jack Oates

    September 2nd, 2019 - 4:50pm

    The logo on the front look a bit tacky with the border being visible. Apart from that nitpick the back is great


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