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January 24th, 2023 460 comments

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Doctor Who 5.5″ 13th Doctor Regeneration Set

Stocks are now being sent out in batches over several days. Some people have already received their orders but pick up and postal delays may mean a further wait for some.

Despatch emails are now being sent and order status updated although many have already had the set prior to this.

Available to order while stocks last from

Character Options reveals its next Online Exclusive, The Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Regeneration set

This fabulous collector’s set, Doctor Who Day, for delivery in January 2023

Character Options has revealed details of its latest exclusive Doctor Who collectors set titled ‘The Regeneration Set.’ The set takes its inspiration from the fantastic finale of ‘The Power of the Doctor’ featuring the Thirteenth Doctor’s final story. The episode debuted on Sunday 23rd October 2022 and stunned fans and news wires alike as the face of the Fourteenth Doctor was revealed after the Thirteenth Doctor’s epic, and final battle.

This new set is a fabulous and hugely distinctive set unlike anything produced previously and will hopefully firstly surprise fans and collectors alike and then delight them with its details and uniqueness.

The figures represent a one of a kind treat for collectors, as the set contains not one but two brand new Doctor Who action figures in the 5.5 inch scale available exclusively in this set and nowhere else.

First up is the Thirteenth Doctor in the ‘taunting’ multi-Doctor outfit, inspired by her past incarnations after a forced regeneration into the Master. This figure of the Thirteenth Doctor has been modified to be correct to the detailed look of the Doctor’s outfit in this story with details from the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh and Tenth Doctors’ iconic outfits replicated in detail.

The second figure in the set introduces a brand new figure of the Fourteenth Doctor which features his brand new look including the head sculpt with unique hair style, as well as his outfit which features, the textured dark blue calf length coat, rumpled plaid waistcoat and trousers, heavy weave silver tie, and warm grey plimsoles. This figure also includes ball jointed shoulders for added articulation.

The packaging alone is exceptional featuring a brand new ‘Fifth panel window box’ format with a unique graphic look, which feels very unlike any collector pack to date, and has a physical format which would not look out of place on shelf or in a display cabinet. The pack graphics have been designed to look bold and fresh and feature a bright white matt card finish with a high gloss UV overprint that picks out key details including the new Doctor Who logo. The flip open front panel has a cut-out lozenge shape which reveals the set name and then leads us into the pack proper. Opening the front panel we find on the reverse side, a brief bio of the characters, and a short story synopsis, and on the right is a window displaying both figures against a swirling Vortex themed background.

Al Dewar Creative Director for Character Options commented: “We all felt it was a genuine delight to see the Thirteenth Doctor’s era end on such a powerful note and as hard as it must have been to follow that, the genuine surprise reveal of her next incarnation in the form of the Fourteenth Doctor was mind blowing!

“Obviously we had a huge help from BBC Studios and Bad Wolf Studios in creating this new item and everyone has been massively invested in bringing a set to fans that really stands out as a celebration of this iconic part of Doctor Who history. We therefore cannot thank Russell T Davies, the brand team and BBC Studios enough for their huge help. It’s a real testament to everyone involved that this particular set has turned out to be such an amazing item and presented in this frankly shockingly fabulous packaging. The results speak for themselves and this is a real unique opportunity to add something truly special to your Doctor Who Collection.”

Set contents are as follows:

  • Thirteenth Doctor Action Figure with Sonic Screwdriver accessory
  • Fourteenth Doctor Action Figure

The Regeneration Set is a true one off and limited in supply, making it yet again a true exclusive and demand for this two pack is likely to be high. The set will be available to pre-order today at a retail cost of £29.99 which includes post and packing. The sets are due to be in stock to our warehouse in very late December and will be dispatched shortly after Christmas to avoid any delays in the mail system which might affect our customers. Updates will be issued if anything happens that affects these dates.

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  • Anon

    January 27th, 2023 - 10:55am

    My set arrived yesterday, really good set.

  • Sam

    January 26th, 2023 - 10:58pm

    Minearrived today and I abso.utly love the set. Would be really nice to see more like this in the future, fingers crossed!

  • TimelordTim

    January 26th, 2023 - 8:09pm

    Arrived today (same as dispatch email). A superb set, very happy and hope for future releases of a similar style for the quality of the box as well as the amazing sculpts!

  • Anonymous

    January 26th, 2023 - 7:12pm

    Mine arrived in the morning before the dispatch email appeared in the afternoon 😀

  • Callum Eales

    January 26th, 2023 - 6:47pm

    Dispatch email and arrived same day

  • Nath

    January 26th, 2023 - 5:31pm

    Got the dispatch email at work and was hoping that meant it was at home at it actually was. I hope they do release a coatless 14th before I make one it’s seems like they have planned it as if you take the coat off the 14th they have gone as far to sculpt the back

  • Alan Silvester

    January 26th, 2023 - 5:15pm

    I ordered a second set on Tuesday (24th) after being impressed with it, and had the dispatch email for the second set at lunchtime today. It is order no. 32792, so this should be encouraging for others still waiting.

  • ClaphamRob

    January 26th, 2023 - 4:25pm

    Received my set this afternoon, from a very wet postman! Really love the 13th Doctor as the detail all over is fantastic. The 14th Doctor is better than I expected, I especially love the wash over his coat, which darkens the blue. Smart and utterly distinctive looking display box and yes, agree with others, that a two-door opening box would have been nicer for display purposes but hey, it’s still a set of beauty! Go out and get a set if you haven’t ordered one already, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Nathc

    January 26th, 2023 - 3:37pm

    My regeneration set arrived today and I’m very pleased with it really good set and wait to see what else the 60th anniversary year brings

  • daz

    January 26th, 2023 - 2:03pm

    Got mine and my dispatch email today.

    For those still waiting, mine was order number 30799.

  • bob hellier

    January 26th, 2023 - 1:36pm

    mine arrived today very happy.

    • Rex F

      January 26th, 2023 - 4:36pm

      So your early set from Ebay arrived after most of the sets from Character in the end? (And for more money.) Have a little more faith next time there’s a Character exclusive, eh?

  • TheOncomingStorm

    January 26th, 2023 - 1:34pm

    Mine came today. Love the box. 13s arm was very very loose on mine and 14 had clear paint chip on his neck and a loose leg. Minor things but still, I’d have thought CO would’ve taken more care with production.

    The likenesses are great though.

    • daz

      January 26th, 2023 - 5:04pm

      If you email [email protected]

      Include your order number, info above and photos of paint defect, they will give you a freepost address and then will send a replacement.

      There are over 2000 sets still in stock.

      On further inspection I actually have a small hole half way down 13th’s coat under her left arm so I’m getting a replacement.

    • TheOncomingStorm

      January 27th, 2023 - 12:22am

      Thanks daz. I’ll do that.

    • daz

      February 5th, 2023 - 12:30pm

      Oncoming Storm, Did you get your replacement. I got mine yesterday. Was pretty straight forward.

  • bobhellier

    January 26th, 2023 - 1:33pm

    mine arrived today

  • Jack

    January 26th, 2023 - 12:33pm

    Mine arrived today!

  • Doctor dolby

    January 26th, 2023 - 11:07am

    My come yesterday very happy

  • James Smith

    January 26th, 2023 - 10:42am

    My Doctor Who 5.5″ 13th Doctor Regeneration Set arrive today by the postman at 10:30 am

  • Callum Eales

    January 26th, 2023 - 9:39am

    Still no dispatch email for me.

  • Drwhofan12

    January 26th, 2023 - 8:58am

    Nothing yet

    • Drwhofan12

      January 26th, 2023 - 4:48pm

      Just had a shipping email

  • 1

    January 26th, 2023 - 6:36am

    Mine has been delivered now.

  • pupbenny

    January 25th, 2023 - 11:11pm

    Got the dispatch email this morning, still no set yet though.

    • pupbenny

      January 26th, 2023 - 4:14pm

      Finally came today. 🙂

  • Obi-Jiff Kenobi

    January 25th, 2023 - 5:26pm

    Mine arrived today, and the despatch email turned up about two hours later!
    The set looks great, and I’m very impressed with the packaging too. It really looks like a premium set, and worth every penny.

  • Winter Doctor

    January 25th, 2023 - 5:04pm

    Still no set nor even a dispatch email been sent out so slightly concerned as we have been getting other post this week so can’t be a local delay. Given I checked out as a guest on their site, can’t check my order status either so not knowing if and when it has even been shipped out is causing problems.

    • Anon

      January 25th, 2023 - 5:24pm

      I’ve not received mines yet either, I emailed Character’s CS team earlier and got a reply that mines should arrive soon. I’d suggest doing the same if it hasn’t arrived in the next couple days.

    • Anon

      January 25th, 2023 - 5:32pm

      Hopefully you receive yours as well, Winter Doctor!

    • Anonymous

      January 25th, 2023 - 6:53pm

      If you’ve not cleared your cache and are on the same device. Use this web address and add your order number to the end. You should then get your order status as a guest.

  • Steve Nash

    January 25th, 2023 - 3:23pm

    It appears that some eBay sellers are claiming that this has sold out on the Character Options Website and are trying to charge £49.99 for the set, I have it on good authority that this is not the case, so please don’t resort to eBay!

    • Rex F

      January 25th, 2023 - 4:09pm

      2193 sets left apparently.

  • MIKK89

    January 25th, 2023 - 3:09pm

    After Seeing the Positive Comments about this, I decided to dip in for this set. 13 wearing an amalgam of her past is a wonderful inclusion in the figure range, and 14 gets his first figure from early 2023.

    So Excited to own this

  • Anonymouse

    January 25th, 2023 - 1:04pm

    @John: As has already been pointed out, some people are not “whinging” about the delay, but the lack of precision about the actual date of despatch. For some of us – such as myself – with mobility issues, that’s an important factor. If I don’t know when my order is being despatched, I don’t know when to anticipate arrival, thereby increasing the likelihood of further delay and/or a journey to the nearest depot, which in my case isn’t that near at all. It matters.

    • Anonymous

      January 26th, 2023 - 9:04am

      Kicking off because CO said early January and then there was a delay and complaining because it wasn’t there on the 3rd January, then whinging again because CO didn’t look into their crystal ball is unreasonable whinging. Expecting a despatch email etc is reasonable and completely different. Other comapnies do it.

  • Doctorbendisco

    January 25th, 2023 - 10:59am

    My regeneration set just arrived this moring.

  • toptimelord

    January 25th, 2023 - 10:47am

    My Doctor Who’s have crash landed! Yesterday morning my new Doctor Who 60th anniversary figure pack arrived without warning! (Although later in the day I did receive a late dispatch email.) Our Jodie and David.2 look blue-box-tastic and the packaging is out of this world!

  • Nicholas

    January 25th, 2023 - 10:23am

    Packaging is nice but it should’ve had two doors like the Time of the Doctor set. This is impossible to display with the figures in the box, on show without looking really clumsy.

    Figures are great. This is my first Whittaker since the original which I always thought was a great likeness, but the new paint apps on this are incredible. An amazing difference!

    • Judooning

      January 25th, 2023 - 10:20am

      I have to agree with you on that one. Don’t get me wrong, the print is a thing of beauty. But it’s only down to pure fluke that I’ve managed to display mine with the door open due to the size of one of my “cube shelves” being the perfect size to wedge the open door in, allowing to see the figures.
      Either a double door or a less stiffer hinge would have helped. But it’s only a minor gripe really. I imagine most people are opening theirs

  • John

    January 25th, 2023 - 10:08am

    Utterly brilliant set – even my Mother picked it up and looked and commented how nice it was and nicely presented.
    Here’s hoping for many more like this.
    Well done CO, its a shame the whingers don’t appreciate how difficult doing stuff like this is at the moment with the rock bottom interest in all things Who!

    • JRT!

      January 25th, 2023 - 11:08am

      Wouldn’t say rock bottom,but yes,pretty low at the mo. But who knows,it might pick up again at some point.

  • TomBakersDozen

    January 25th, 2023 - 9:40am

    Well, I’d only just got got my shipping confirmation yesterday, only to get home from work late last night to find my parcel sitting in my back garden, which was a nice surprise. It’s a really nice set, love the box. Looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us next time.


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