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Doctor Who Dalek Vehicle Mega Playset

The Dalek’s are the most feared creatures in existence; conquerors of countless worlds and annihilators of alien civilisations. This Dalek mega set…

120 28 Jul 2013

Character Building Super Rare’s Series 3

The figures include only 500 of the Eleventh Doctor in tuxedo, 250 each of Rory in his nurse’s uniform and River Song in a catsuit, and just 100 each…

155 10 Dec 2012

Character Building Monsters Multi-Pack

These highly detailed figure each include a Doctor Who display base and collectors leaflet. With Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and more…

84 21 Jul 2012

Character Building Dalek Spaceship

Highly detailed and functional Dalek construction playset with moveable parts featuring interior and exterior, detachable skimmer car, laser cannons…

215 19 Jul 2012