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Ghosts of India CD

India in 1947 is a country in the grip of chaos – a country torn apart by internal strife…

0 12 Mar 2009

Shining Darkness CD

For Donna Noble, the Andromeda galaxy is a long way from home. But even two-and-a-half-million light years from Earth…

0 12 Mar 2009

The Cybermen

One by one, their limbs became diseased – they were replaced by plastic and steel!…

0 2 Mar 2009

The Mind Of Evil

The Doctor is caught up in events at Stangmoor Prison.Nicholas Courtney and Roger Delgado also star…

0 12 Feb 2009

The Nemonite Invasion CD

It’s May 1940, and Vice-Admiral Ramsey is about to finalise one of the most daring plans of the Second World War…

0 12 Feb 2009

The Abominable Snowmen

A single blow from the giant, hairy paw smashes the explorer to the ground…

0 2 Jan 2009

The Ghost House CD

A crack in time and a lost child mean trouble for Sarah Jane in this thrilling story, read by Elisabeth Sladen…

0 13 Nov 2008

The Time Capsule CD

Sarah Jane and friends must deal with some deadly alien artefacts in this gripping story, read by Elisabeth Sladen…

0 5 Nov 2008

The Krotons

The Tardis arrives on a planet which is home to the humanoid Gonds…

0 3 Nov 2008

The Time Warrior

His spaceship crippled in an inter-stellar battle, the Sontaran warrior, Linx, is forced to crash-land on Earth…

0 2 Nov 2008