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Big Finish Torchwood 83 Disco

It’s 1987 and “Disco” Jones is still dancing. Life and soul, bab, life and soul. Wednesdays is darts at The Merry Miller…

0 11 Apr 2024

Big Finish Torchwood 81 Tube Strike

Building work on the London Underground has disturbed a nest of Weevils. The ravenous creatures are hunting for flesh. Can Torchwood One contain the feast?…

0 10 Mar 2024

Big Finish Torchwood One I Hate Mondays

If you think getting up with a smile every Monday morning is a big ask, that’s nothing compared to what’s in store for the team at Torchwood One.

7 26 Jan 2024

Big Finish Torchwood 80 Sabotage

Sophie Aldred and Paul Clayton are reunited in a brand-new full-cast audio drama due for release in February 2024 from Big Finish Productions…

3 25 Jan 2024

Big Finish Torchwood 75 Dog Hop

Andy Davidson has stumbled across the last proper pub on Cardiff Bay. Sticky carpets, cut-glass mirrors, eccentric regulars…

0 31 Aug 2023

Big Finish Torchwood 74 Sigil

Sam has been haunted for years by the Sigil. She’s drawn the pattern since she was a child, she has a tattoo of it, she sells prints of it…

2 10 Aug 2023

Big Finish Torchwood Among Us Part 3

Torchwood are on the run. As the world puts itself back together, Torchwood are there to pick up the pieces. And they find something nasty hiding in them…

0 27 Jul 2023

Big Finish Torchwood Among Us Part 2

The second volume of Torchwood: Among Us is released today – four new full-cast audio dramas continuing the adventures of Cardiff’s finest…

0 29 Jun 2023

Big Finish Torchwood 73 Launch Date

Geraint fails to notice Chrissie flirting with him. Too late to go back. That’s the story of Geraint’s life. A lot of missed opportunities…

0 8 Feb 2023

Big Finish Torchwood 72 The Thirst Trap

You have 20 minutes to find your perfect mate. Then you may never see them again. Now or Never has launched in Cardiff and something’s clearly very wrong…

0 8 Feb 2023

Big Finish Torchwood Among Us Part 1

Eve Myles makes an epic return as Gwen Cooper in Torchwood: Among Us, the hotly anticipated new series of full-cast audio adventures…

11 2 Dec 2022