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Big Finish 8th Doctor Echoes

The popular TARDIS trio led by Paul McGann return for three full-cast audio dramas in Echoes, a full-cast audio drama box set

5 16 May 2024

Big Finish 8th Doctor Audacity

Since January 2001, the Eighth Doctor has enjoyed an extended run of adventures on audio with a whole host of companions…

14 22 May 2023

Big Finish 8th Doctor Connections

The Eighth Doctor Adventures enters a new era of standalone stories to land later this year. Following a decade of continuous adventures…

0 17 Jun 2022

Big Finish Doctor Who Stranded 4

What happens if the world is actually fixed? There are times when even the Doctor cannot help. And whatever the outcome…

2 6 Apr 2022

Big Finish Doctor Who Stranded 1

Tom Baker will reprise the role of the mysterious Curator. Considered by many –but never confirmed on screen –to be a future incarnation of the Doctor…

46 14 Feb 2020