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Doctor Who City of Death Audio CD

An unabridged reading of the brand new novelisation of a classic Fourth Doctor TV story by Douglas Adams. The Doctor takes Romana for a holiday in Paris…

0 8 Mar 2015

Doctor Who Tales of Trenzalore Audio CD

David Troughton reads four original stories set in different periods of the Siege of Trenzalore, featuring the Eleventh Doctor as played by Matt Smith…

1 7 Jan 2015

Silhouette: A 12th Doctor Novel Audio CD

An unabridged reading of the new novel by Justin Richards featuring the Twelfth Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi in the hit BBCTV series Doctor Who. Marlowe Hapworth…

5 4 Oct 2014

Destiny of the Doctor Complete Series

Audio producers Big Finish and AudioGo work together on a series of eleven special Doctor Who stories to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show…

25 18 Sep 2014

Doctor Who: The Adventures Of K9 Audio CD

K9, the amazing robot dog already known to millions through his star appearances in the Doctor Who TV series, now features in an exciting set of four audio stories…

9 11 Nov 2013