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Doctor Who Legends of Ashildr Hardback

Featuring Ashildr, as played by Maisie Williams. The Legends of Ashildr is set between her first two encounters with the Doctor, as shown in the 2015 episodes…

37 4 Dec 2015

Doctor Who: Rain of Terror Paperback

In Rain of Terror, terrible tiny creatures swarm down from the sky, intent on destroying everything on planet Xirrinda. As the colonists try to fight the…

4 1 Nov 2015

Doctor Who: Terrible Lizards Paperback

In Terrible Lizards, the Eleventh Doctor and his friends join a group of explorers on a Victorian tramp steamer in the Florida Everglades. The explorers

5 1 Nov 2015

Doctor Who: Web in Space Paperback

In Web in Space, a distress signal calls the Eleventh Doctor and the TARDIS to the Black Horizon, a spaceship under attack from the Empire of Eternal Victory….

2 1 Nov 2015

The Beast of Stalingrad

From the Doctor Who Universe. Looking at her timeline, Erimem is intrigued by evidence that at some point in her life, she visits the Nazi-besieged city of…

3 7 Oct 2015

Erimem: The Last Pharaoh

From the Doctor Who Universe. After a freak electrical storm that seems to happen indoors, a young woman is found in the Egyptian exhibit of a London…

4 7 Oct 2015

Lethbridge-Stewart: Beast of Fang Rock

Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart is brought in to investigate what he believes to be signs of alien involvement. But it is not only Lethbridge-Stewart who has an…

3 18 Aug 2015

Doctor Who Royal Blood Una McCormack Signed

The city-state of Varuz is failing. Duke Aurelian is the last of his line, his capital is crumbling, and the armies of his enemy, Duke Conrad, are poised beyond

1 17 Aug 2015

Lethbridge-Stewart: The Schizoid Earth

On the eve of war, something appeared in the sky; a presence that blotted out the moon. Now it has returned, and no battle plan can survive first contact…

2 20 Apr 2015