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December 5th, 2020 1,666 comments

Some Sets Reduced B&M October Stocks Arrive – Product / Barcodes, Prices

The Companion Set and Zygon are now reduced to £12.99 in all stores.


The app is now working again but having checked all locations nothing has changed. Apart from a few Daleks no other sets seem to have found their way for the most part to Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wales, East Anglia, Leicestershire, London, the South East and the South Below London.

Sets are sent directly to B&M and Character have no involvement in their distribution.

If you have an issue with this please contact or phone them on 0151 728 5400

Comments on other B&M post have been disabled.

UK Buyers – At the time of writing there is no longer a direct way of speaking to your store to check on availability. You could try the main customer service number. All sets in the UK are £19.99.

USA Buyers can now order from #ad and other selected retailers.

Australian Buyers can order some sets now from and other selected retailers.

We strongly advise you make whatever checks you can yourself to check store availability before travelling.

To find your nearest store visit Please contact if you require more information.

B&M 2020 Companions of The Third and Fourth Doctor Set product code 362539

All new Companions of the Third & Fourth Doctor featuring new and updated figures of Sarah and Romana 1 and 2 and spans the dates April 1974 to December 1979.

Available to order from #ad

Alternatively you can search for this item on

Available to order from and other selected retailers.

B&M 2020 Friends of The Thirteenth Doctor product code 362540

This all new Friends of the Thirteenth Doctor set includes updated figures of companions Yasmin (Yaz) Khan, Graham O’Brien and his adoptive grandson Ryan Sinclair.

Available to order from #ad

Alternatively you can search for this item on

Available to order from and other selected retailers.

B&M 2020 UNIT 1975 Terror of The Zygons Set product code 362541

For many collectors, the arrival of the1971 U.N.I.T Claws of Axos Set can’t be bettered but with the addition of the 1975 U.N.I.T Terror of the Zygons Set, Character Options has added what is possibly the most anticipated and eagerly awaited variant of the Fourth Doctor to the mix; decked out in his fetching tartan scarf and Tam ‘O’ Shanter hat.

Available to order from #ad

Alternatively you can search for this item on

Available to order from and other selected retailers.

B&M 2020 History of the Daleks Set #3 product code 362544 (Set 3 and 4 have the same code)

The History of the Daleks #3 Collector Figure Set comprises of a Twin Dalek Set and features the Daleks as seen fully in the in their Third story on TV in 1965’s The Chase.

Available to order from #ad

Alternatively you can search for this item on

This item will be available to order shortly from and other selected retailers.

B&M 2020 History of the Daleks Set #4 product code 362544 (Set 3 and 4 have the same code)

The History of the Daleks #4 Collector Figure Set features two Daleks as seen in 1975’s, The Daleks Master Plan from 1966.

Available to order from #ad

Alternatively you can search for this item on

This item will be available to order shortly from and other selected retailers.

B&M 2020 Fifth Doctor and Tardis Visitation Set product code 362543

The Fifth Doctor and TARDIS Set features detailing from February 1982’s ‘The Visitation’; which features the last appearance the Sonic Screwdriver in the classic Series.

Available to order from #ad

Alternatively you can search for this item on

Available to order from and other selected retailers.

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  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 6:44pm

    I don’t buy these anymore but I’ve just been in the b & m store, West Allotment, Newcastle upon Tyne NE27 0FS and they had all sets in. Hope that helps you if you are still looking.

  • Joe

    October 16th, 2020 - 6:41pm

    Went to the Rom Vally Retail Park B&M and they have the new Dalek sets. I picked them up and they still had 3 of both left, along with 1 Sontarans set.

  • Gazza

    October 16th, 2020 - 6:08pm

    Coypool B&M in Plymouth has Dalek sets but no other sets yet . Also checked the other Plymouth B&M and also Saltash and nothing at all yet . Managed to buy the 2 Dalek sets and will leave the rest for other sensible buyers hoping that they won’t fall into the wrong hands on eBay .

    • Anonymous

      October 17th, 2020 - 9:12am

      Thanks for the heads-up……got here this morning 5 mins after opening and there was 1 Dalek #4 available. Counted 23 Friends and Foes sets though!

  • 13th Doctor

    October 16th, 2020 - 4:44pm

    Seen all in Belfast

  • xxadamscottxx

    October 16th, 2020 - 3:57pm

    Just checked Newport South Wales just in case there were some that didn’t show on the app but no such luck

  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 3:02pm

    Is there any stock at Watford

  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 2:22pm

    Is that a yes to stock at Charlton booboo?

    • Darren

      October 16th, 2020 - 3:05pm

      I was in the Charlton store an hour ago, no new sets.

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 4:48pm

      probably out back on on their way, its only Daleks though.

  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 2:01pm

    Any stock in laytonstone b&m

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 2:07pm

      no but Beckton, Charlton?

    • Anonymous

      October 16th, 2020 - 2:37pm

      Do you know how far it is if it is close I could check there

    • Darren

      October 16th, 2020 - 2:40pm

      I’ve just been to the Charlton store, no new sets

    • Anonymous

      October 16th, 2020 - 3:00pm

      Thx but for now I’m just going to wait for my b&m to get the sets

  • Jack

    October 16th, 2020 - 1:59pm

    Just picked up hotd set at Redruth but had to ask as no stock on shelves yet. no other sets yet sadly but thank goodness something has started to get here.

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 2:05pm

      app seems to working which is good

    • Jack

      October 16th, 2020 - 2:43pm

      Thanks to you again booboo for the app update 😀

  • The Question Mark Umbrella

    October 16th, 2020 - 1:46pm

    Is there any stock in Loughborough or Leicester stores?

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 1:47pm

      Not yet checker earlier

  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 1:36pm

    Please be some in Cardiff

  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 1:09pm

    Confirming (for real, as you weren’t sure if the App was fully reliable) that neither the “Interchange” or “Bury Road” branches in Ipswich have the new Dalek sets yet (or the other 4 of course), though if anyone wants any “The War Games” Tardis’, both stores had plenty.

    What puzzles me both about all of this (aside from the whole Distribution Disparity/Mess-up), is why the HOTD #3 & #4 sets have reached Lowestoft and Stowmarket (2 and 1 branches respectively), but NOT Ipswich (4 branches, County Town of Suffolk) or Colchester (1 branch, County Town of Essex).

    I guess we’ll never know, but this whole crazy thing has shon quite a light B&M’s already “unusual” Distribution practices…

    Thanks as always booboo, for being there to help us all through this (you are an white pointed star!).

  • Aaron

    October 16th, 2020 - 1:04pm

    The Droitwich branch (Worcestershire) has all the new three figure packs and 5th Doctor TARDIS. They were a bit light on Daleks though – be aware that the Doctor Who stuff is on the top shelf at the bottom of aisle 1 (above all the sweets and chocolate) as well as in the toy aisle.

    So anyone in the Birmingham/ Warwickshire area may want to make a trip ?

    The new Kidderminster Home & Garden store nearby had everything in the summer wave so may also do so again this time but I haven’t been in so can’t guarantee.

  • WhovianLife

    October 16th, 2020 - 12:48pm

    could you check if any are in Somerset yet please booboo?

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 1:15pm

      only Yeovil showing Daleks

    • WhovianLife

      October 16th, 2020 - 1:50pm

      Alright thanks!!

    • WhovianLife

      October 19th, 2020 - 3:14pm

      Is there any chance you could check the Weston Super Mare ones please Booboo? as they’re North Somerset and also any stores nearby too please?

    • booboo

      October 19th, 2020 - 3:21pm

      nothing at all on app, i really wish B&M could just say what the issue is and if all these areas are actually likely to see stock

  • DaleksAreSupreme

    October 16th, 2020 - 12:45pm

    I don’t suppose that anything has reached the st austall B and M has it?

  • Jamie Bate

    October 16th, 2020 - 12:31pm

    Booboo could you tell me if Hartlepool Teesbay or Stockton high street are showing stock of Daleks?

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 12:41pm

      Hartlepool Teesbay, Stockton Portack shwoing Daleks and some sets

  • Doctorus

    October 16th, 2020 - 12:01pm

    Really, really hope Leicester, Leicestershire and all the other areas which are void of stock, receive them.

  • Joe

    October 16th, 2020 - 11:49am

    Anything in the Dagenham, Newbury Park, Chadwell Heath, Goodmayes or Romford stores booboo? I don’t expect Barking or Beckton to have them since they still have tons of the old stock left last time I checked Thanks for doing this for us.

  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 11:18am

    Anything in Lowestoft/beccles?

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 11:31am

      Lowestoft London Road showing Daleks only on app

    • Anonymous

      October 16th, 2020 - 12:04pm

      Thanks a lot booboo, really appreciate your help!

  • MickeySmith07

    October 16th, 2020 - 11:02am

    South seams to be quite late. Anyone seen any in Portsmouth area yet?

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 11:06am

      nearest is Southampton showing Daleks

    • Darren Allen

      October 16th, 2020 - 1:19pm

      Just back from the Southampton store. Not on the shelves, so spoke to a nice Supervisor; they have not had any of the new sets.

  • TARDISWonder001

    October 16th, 2020 - 10:17am

    Tolworth have the two Dalek sets. They’re at the beginning of the toy aisle towards the end of the store on the bottom shelf near the Hulk large figure…

  • Jack

    October 16th, 2020 - 10:17am

    Nothing in the Penzance B&M yet. Maybe a bit soon but after booboo said on app in Devon & Cornwall was worth a try. Hopefully soon???

    I did make a complaint to B&M about lack of stock in South but got a very generic response from customer services saying stock is for sale but very limited and when gone its gone. I didn’t find that ever so helpful and escalated to the next level and was then told:

    “I have fed your comments into the relevant departments regarding no stock has reached the South West or South East. ”

    So is it a conicidence that stock is now moving south? Sadly sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and complain to get things sorted!

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 10:41am

      Its a coincidence probably,

      Redruth, Wadebridge, Bodmin, Launceston so far but only Daleks

  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 10:07am

    Hi, are there any sets in Colchester. Thank You

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 10:10am

      nothing on app yet

  • Philip Shaw

    October 16th, 2020 - 9:54am

    I understand all the logistics, but I still think B&M are missing a trick by not allowing people to order sets to be delivered to a store of their choice, or even to order in store.

  • Dave Ross

    October 16th, 2020 - 9:46am

    Rotherham Parkgate had most of these sets if not all; unfortunately the one TARDIS set on the shelf left with me.

    • Gary H.

      October 16th, 2020 - 11:22am

      Why unfortunately Dave, I bet it made you happy?

  • Century 22 Productions

    October 16th, 2020 - 9:23am

    Hi. Anything from Basingstoke, Tolworth or Reading? Thank you.

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 9:32am

      nothing on app yet, Southampton showing Daleks i think that’s new

    • Mark

      October 16th, 2020 - 12:31pm

      A supervisor at Reading Brunel told me they were not ticketed to get any of this wave, but if you can contact the manager he could get what you wanted.

  • Alyson luxon

    October 16th, 2020 - 8:49am

    Is there anything new in Milton Keynes

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 8:53am

      nothing in that area yet

  • Prototype dalek

    October 16th, 2020 - 8:35am

    Just not sure I’ll be able to get any of these sets without ebay, tried every store within 20 miles and no luck including most of Warwickshire, Leicestershire and the East of the West Midlands.

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 8:54am

      Probably worth giving it the weekend stuff seems to be getting out and about

    • Prototype dalek

      October 16th, 2020 - 9:00am

      Well the next delivery is Sunday for my local store, so maybe shall give it till Thursday after the second delivery.

    • Doctorus

      October 16th, 2020 - 5:23pm

      I might check my local B&M stores tomorrow and see if there’s anything new. Most likely, a couple may still have the July 2020 sets but, I’ll try and check.

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 5:31pm

      Let us know, you have one of the new Dalek sets?

    • Doctorus

      October 16th, 2020 - 6:27pm

      I do have HOTD #3 but, that was sent to me by a friend who lives in Birmingham and managed to find it there. I’ll let you know for any updates in Leicester (and, possibly) Leicestershire if, I have the chance to go tomorrow and find out.

    • Doctorus

      October 17th, 2020 - 10:41pm

      Wasn’t able to go today. Apologies, Booboo. Any updates regarding Leicester on the app?

    • booboo

      October 18th, 2020 - 9:27am

      nothing, what sets are you actually after?

    • Doctorus

      October 18th, 2020 - 9:55am

      HOTD#4 and probably The Visitation TARDIS set. I might buy another one of the two Dalek sets for army building.

    • Doctorus

      October 19th, 2020 - 2:59pm

      Anything on the app for Leicester, booboo?

    • booboo

      October 19th, 2020 - 3:19pm


  • Anonymous

    October 16th, 2020 - 8:23am

    Any HOTD #3 and #4 sets in any of the 4 Ipswich stores booboo?

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 8:30am

      not Ipswich, stow market and Braintree nearest but one would hope they are om the way round, its strange its just Daleks getting out so far

  • Doctor What

    October 16th, 2020 - 7:59am

    Sorry to ask booboo but is your app showing any around the Norwich/Lowestoft/Yarmouth/Beccles area

    • booboo

      October 16th, 2020 - 8:06am

      if the app is accurate just Daleks but Norwich Riverside and Lowestoft London road then Stowmarket

    • Doctor What

      October 16th, 2020 - 1:34pm

      Thank you Booboo managed to get HotD 3 from Norwich Riverside thank you so much for checking