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July 19th, 2019 9 comments

Big Finish Flash Sale Twenty years of Doctor Who

FLASH SALE! Twenty years of Doctor Who at Big Finish!

Today marks 20 years since the release of our very first Doctor Who audio adventure, The Sirens of Time. To celebrate, we’ve marked the occasion with some incredible discount offers on a selection of highlights from the past two decades.

Head to page and use access code SIRENS20 to gain access to these special offers. The discounts expire at 23:59 (UK time) on 22 July 2019, so move fast!

  • £1 Doctor Who – The Sirens of Time
  • £2 Doctor Who – Jubilee
  • £3 Dalek Empire Series 1 (75p each)
  • £4 Doctor Who – The Secret History
  • £5 Gallifrey: Intervention Earth
  • £6 Doctor Who – Domain of the Voord
  • £7 Doctor Who – Love and War
  • £8 Doctor Who – Short Trips Volumes 1-4 (£2 each)
  • £9 Jago & Litefoot Series 1
  • £10 The War Doctor – Only the Monstrous
  • £11 Doctor Who Companion Chronicles – The Second Doctor Volume 1
  • £12 Doctor Who – Destiny of the Doctor
  • £13 Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 1
  • £14 Doctor Who – The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 1
  • £15 Doctor Who – The First Doctor Adventures Volume 1
  • £16 Doctor Who – Dark Eyes
  • £17 UNIT – The New Series – Extinction
  • £18 Doctor Who – Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Volume 1
  • £19 Doctor Who – The Sixth Doctor – The Last Adventure
  • £20 Doctor Who – The Light at the End (Ltd Edition)

All of these titles on special offer can also be bought in a super bundle at £200 – the ultimate Big Finish starter kit!

More details below.

The very first Doctor Who release ever, starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, The Sirens of Time, is available at just £1 on download.

Doctor Who – Jubilee is available at £2 on download. This Big Finish adventure was the original story that became ‘Dalek’ on TV. Although the televised episode in 2005 (starring Christopher Eccleston) ended up being very different in many important ways, this is the core of the idea that Russell T. Davies wanted writer Rob Shearman to develop.

Spanning whole galaxies and centuries, Dalek Empire is an epic story of war, love, deceit, betrayal and sacrifice, featuring truly memorable characters brought to life by an all-star cast. You can get the whole of Series 1 at just £3 on download! (Each episode is also available at 75p each.

The Fifth Doctor meets some of his earliest companions, in The Secret History, at just £4 on CD and download.

Gallifrey, one of the most popular ranges in The Worlds of Doctor Who, is the West Wing meets science fiction. In this story a very different Romana (played by Juliet Landau), must save the universe… Gallifrey: Intervention Earth is available at £5.

Five years ago, Big Finish started lovingly exploring the beginnings of Doctor Who in The Early Adventures. The first of these, Domain of the Voord, is on offer at £6 on CD or download.

Paying homage to the fans who kept Doctor Who alive after its cancellation in 1989, Big Finish released adaptations of several of the Virgin New Adventures, called the Novel Adaptations. The first of these, which was also the debut of popular Big Finish character Professor Bernice Summerfield, is on special offer at £7 on CD or download.

There are a whole host of Short Trips in the TARDIS. Series 1-4 are available at £8.

Jago & Litefoot was one of the most beloved Doctor Who spinoffs on audio. You can get the whole of series one, starring Christopher Benjamin and the late Trevor Baxter, at £9 on CD or download.

Big Finish was incredibly lucky to work with the late, great Sir John Hurt, expanding his hidden incarnation of the Doctor, the War Doctor. Steeped in violence, born into war, you can get the first series of The War Doctor, entitled Only the Monstrous, at £10 on CD or download.

More adventures with classic companions! The Companion Chronicles – The Second Doctor Volume 1 is available at £11 on CD or download.

Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who back in 2013, The Destiny of the Doctor collection maps an adventure through 11 incarnations, and is available at £12 on CD or download, saving you over 50%. Try a sample of the Fourth Doctor adventure below:

Big Finish was delighted when David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, stepped back in the TARDIS for more adventures back in 2016. The first volume of his adventures is available at just £13!

The Third Doctor’s era, originally starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, has been reverentially resurrected with Tim Treloar taking on the mantle of the great man, and Katy Manning back as Jo Grant. You can hear series one now at just £14 on CD or download.

After his fabulous portrayal of William Hartnell in the television movie, An Adventure in Space and Time, Big Finish was delighted to bring David Bradley back as the First Doctor. The first series of his adventures are available at £15 on CD or download.

The Eighth Doctor sagas are some of Big Finish’s most popular stories, with the Eighth Doctor playing a much darker, brooding version than listeners knew from his TV outing… Dark Eyes, which won an award at the BBC Audio Drama Awards, is available now at £16 on CD or download.

When Big Finish was granted the licence for New Series Doctor Who back in 2015, the very first series out of the gate was UNIT. The first volume, UNIT Extinction, featuring the return of the Autons, is available at £17 on CD or download.

Tom Baker returned in 2012 to wear his long scarf again as the Fourth Doctor, and has dazzled listeners ever since. Philip Hinchliffe, one of the most renowned Doctor Who producers, joined Big Finish to curate a series of new adventures, with volume one available at £18 on CD or download.

One of the great joys for Big Finish fans is the different interpretation of the Sixth Doctor, as played by Colin Baker. You can pick up his final foray (in this particular timeline), The Last Adventure, at £19 on CD or download.

And, in 2013, to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who on television, five Doctors met for The Light at the End. This limited edition box set is now available at just £20 on CD or download.

Many of these adventures, and similar ones from the Worlds of Doctor Who at Big Finish, can be heard in our livestream event this weekend, on the Official Doctor Who YouTube Channel. Read Here for more details.

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  • MJS

    July 19th, 2019 - 9:05pm

    Fantastic bargains to be had! And don’t forget, when you buy the physical CD, you get a free download available.on the Big Finish App!

  • Dave

    July 19th, 2019 - 9:02pm

    Every time I try using the code it keeps saying please use a vaild code. Andni typing it in capitals exactly as it’s shown in the article

    • booboo

      July 19th, 2019 - 9:19pm

      works fine for me try copy and paste

    • CAS

      July 20th, 2019 - 12:44pm

      Are you putting the code in to access the page rather than at checkout?

  • Anonymous

    July 19th, 2019 - 8:09pm

    Just bought Dark Eyes. I’ve heard great things, but wasn’t sure about ever looking into largely due to the fact its so expensive, but at £16 (£18.50 with P&P) how could I refuse. I’ll give it a go.

    Just wondering, how long do Big Finish usually take to deliver the physical CDs? (This was my first time buying from them online, so still kinda new to all this) any help appreciated. : )

    • Anonymous

      July 20th, 2019 - 12:31am

      It depends where you are but when you pre order something it takes 2 days to arrive in the uk at least but maybe a good week you’re looking at or within one

    • Jack Oates

      July 21st, 2019 - 11:34pm

      I found in North of the UK it takes around 5 days.

  • The 14th doctor

    July 19th, 2019 - 6:59pm

    Just bought only the monstrous for £10.00!!!!!! Very happy. Thank you for telling us about this deal boo boo otherwise I would never of known.!

    • Jack Oates

      July 19th, 2019 - 10:05pm

      I’d reccomend checking Big Finishes new feed Monday – Friday. They announce all sorts and sales through a weekly news page that goes live around 12 daily.

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